The 5 Weird and Wonderful Ways People Are Dressing Through Lockdown

The fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli famously said, "In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous." and while this might feel out of step with the normcore loungewear that has been proliferating on social media this month, there has also been a growing fashion-based backlash that Schiaparelli would be proud of.

I will caveat this with the fact that, of course, there are far more important things at play right now, and many would argue that it is not an appropriate time to be parading round in one's glad rags. That being said, for many of us, fashion is escapism. Amongst the doom and gloom of the news headlines, the odd outrageous ballgown or eye-wateringly bright, print-clashing ensemble come as a light relief. After all, fashion magazines have long been a source of other-worldly styling and imagery, and right now, you could argue that we are more in need than ever of a distraction from our day-to-day realities.

As always, Instagram is an unlimited resource of fabulousness, and it wasn't hard to hunt down a few oh-so-impractical-yet-undeniably-fun outfits that have brightened my week. From ball gowns and bikinis to socks with sandals and corsets, scroll down to see what influencers are wearing to bring a little fun into their days. Dress-up-Friday sorted.

Ball Gowns


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Style Notes: Minimalism, schminimalism. Slip Into Style knows how to rock a dress-up Friday gown for maximum feel-good vibes. We'll be wearing the below dresses with chunky sandals now, and then with strappy heels for our first party post-lockdown. 


Corset Tops


(Image credit: @veronikaheilbrunner)

Style Notes: Ganni's denim corset has cropped up as an unlikely trending item during the lockdown. Perhaps it's the unusual combination of denim fabric with such a classically formal item of clothing (not to mention the bling buttons). Just so much fun.




(Image credit: @annelauremais)

Style Notes: Hands up—who has tried to sunbathe in the small sliver of sun that creeps through our living room windows for approximately one hour a day? Guilty as charged. We might not be on the beaches of Ibiza, but damn, we'll wear our bikini if we want to. Just add sunglasses and a piña colada. 


Socks With Sandals


(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Style Notes: At the other end of the spectrum, we have a look which has long been associated with the "embarrassing dad" approach to dressing. Socks with sandals might not have the glam appeal of a ball gown, but they add just the right level of "quirky English eccentric" to our WFH outfits. 


All the Colours


(Image credit: @tamumcpherson)

Style Notes: Last year's 50 shades of beige trend might've exuded grown-up elegance, but right now, we could really do with a bit of childlike playfulness. It's simple: Just use every colour in your metaphorical crayon box and throw them all together. The more clashing, the better.


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