This Is What Jewelry Inspired by Physics Looks Like

From far-flung destinations to iconic moments in history, designers often call upon a wide range influences when creating their collections. For Victoria Cho and Astrid Chastka, the duo behind jewelry brand Metalepsis Projects, inspiration comes from three fields in particular: art, architecture, and science. They've created what they call "exploratory conceptual jewelry," which translates to sleek, amazingly cool baubles with fascinating backstories.

Take for instance, the brand's "orbital" collection, which is "inspired by molecular compositions and the physics of sound (such as the frequencies and wavelengths)." We won't claim to fully understand these concepts, but what we do know is that this forward-thinking jewelry is truly stunning. Don't believe us? We've rounded up a few of our favorite pieces for your shopping pleasure. 

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We love the geometric shapes on this stunning ring. 

Try swapping your velvet choker for this sleek metal version. 

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Opening Image: Style du Monde 

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