Here’s How to Get on Anna Wintour’s Radar, Based on These 6 Met Gala Secrets


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The Met Gala is coming up this weekend, and we’re officially counting down to what’s sure to be a memorable red carpet. No stranger to a little eccentricity, the Met Gala is going a more holy route with its “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” theme this year. If nothing else, we’re betting there will be some interesting views from the red carpet—which is , unfortunately, the only view of the fundraiser that the public eye is privy to.

But we can’t help but wonder… just what exactly does the Met Gala look like from the inside? Though a few (rule-breaking) celebrity selfies gave us a little peek last year, rules are cracking down again, so from here on out, it seems like the only perspective you’ll get is if you’re actually invited—and willing to fork over a big chunk of change.

If this sounds like a life goal you’re aspiring to (we don’t blame you, it seems like an epic party), be prepared for things to get a little intense. You’re only invited if Anna Wintour says you are, and let it be known: This isn’t the easiest feat. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Met Gala rules that would hypothetically get you on Anna Wintour’s radar. So get out your notepads, because breaking one of these may have you blacklisted forever.

  1. Be prepared to pay the price: Tickets start at $30,000 per personand yes, you still have to pay if you’re a celebrity.
  2. Have an appreciation for the exhibition: After all, this is a fundraiser for the museum. Guests get to walk around the Costume Institute exhibit before it opens to the general public, so before putting your dancing shoes on, take a moment to appreciate it.
  3. Don’t ask for a plus one: No extras allowed unless they’re also on the pre-approved guestlist.
  4. No selfies: This rule was broken last year in the infamous celeb bathroom pics… Needless to say, Anna Wintour was not impressed. The event keeps its cache by staying secret, so don’t blow it.
  5. Always accept the invite: If you miss out once chances of you being invited back are slim-to-none.
  6. No smoking: Seems like the bathroom was the place to break rules at last year’s gala. Celebs were caught smoking cigarettes in the bathroom, which (obviously) upset the museum's board members and donors.

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