This New NYC Brand Is Perfect for Travel

What makes the perfect vacation wardrobe? To us, it's about marrying ease with sophistication, packing one-and-done pieces that look stylish no matter how many days they've been scrunched in our suitcases. Marina Cortbawi has exactly the solution with her simple yet elegant clothing line, Merlette.

"After travelling the world and meeting many different women and understanding their lifestyles and needs, I wanted to create a product for the niche I noticed was being underserved," Cortbawi says. "Desirable clothes of an attitude where style counts more than seasonally changing fashion." For the designer, that means feminine pieces that "can complement the luxury designer world in a comforting way." 

But even if jet-setting isn't on your agenda once winter arrives, there's still a place in your wardrobe for Merlette's dreamy designs. Says Cortbawi, "my idea is to develop garments that make a woman feel as desirable as she feels when she's on holiday." 

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