These Valentine's Day Gifts Have a Much Deeper Meaning

Swarovski's Creative Director Nathalie Colin said it best, "Love conquers all, and love has so many facets." This was her design ethos when creating the brand's seductive Lifelong collection, which includes a stylish re-imagination of the knot — symbolising lifelong commitment — and released just in time for Valentine's Day. But this year and for years to come, we won't be celebrating love on just one day. Australia said yes to marriage equality and together, Swarovski and Who What Wear Australia do, too. Join us as we celebrate diversity and freedom of love through our Pride partnership. Love wins and brings with it #BrillianceForAll.

We are big fans of Valentine's Day. As an excuse (not that we need one) to shower our loved ones in an extra special dose of love, affection and even gifts, it can't be beat. But, given how rapidly our world is changing in 2018, we think it's high time that society's thinking around February 14 changed too — for the better. Has there been a time in recent history when we've needed to truly share and celebrate love more than right now? Against the backdrop of same-sex marriage finally becoming legal in this country, we can firmly say that love has the power to unite, inspire, and heal, and that is something worth celebrating come February 14.

If you are trading gifts with your S.O. this year, choosing something with a deeper significance is the order of the day. We've fallen hard for Swarovski's Valentine's Day collection — yes, each piece is stunning and exceptionally crafted, but it's the meaning behind the design concepts that make these gifts truly special.

Nathalie Colin, the brand's Creative Director, wanted to ensure their 2018 Valentine's Day offering reflected the diverse expressions of love that we are all fighting so hard for: "In this collection, we have other love symbols in addition to the traditional heart. I took inspiration from the ribbon knot that symbolizes a lifelong commitment but also has a seductive twist to it. There is a bold cuff style, a stunning double ring, as well as more everyday jewels to meet everyone's taste. Every piece is infused with messages of diversity and freedom to love that are very important to me — and to everyone."

Below, some pieces we'd be ecstatic to receive (hinting hard), and how the celebration of love has been woven into their design.

The Lifelong collection is new to the Swarovski lineup, and sits at the heart of the 2018 Valentine's Day range. The bonds of everlasting love are brought to life with chic, contemporary knot detailing, while the flow of every twist and turn is a new take on the classic infinity concept.

It's in the Attract collection that the heritage and craftsmanship of Swarovski really shines. Timeless and elegant, these 'forever' pieces go beyond trends, symbolising a love that will stand the test of time.

The Luckily collection gives a nod to the mysteries of why we love who we love. Doesn't it sometimes just feel like fate? The timeless evil eye is always looking out for our loved ones, keeping them safe and manifesting luck.

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