I'm Running the NYC Marathon—These Beauty and Wellness Staples Are Essential



In a shocking turn of events, I'm running the New York City Marathon in November. I say this because up until a couple of years ago, I had never run more than three miles in my life, and even that felt like the most daunting task in the world. In fact, I hated running—I used to try to get excused from running the mile in gym class, and I even cried during the PACER test once. 

I picked up running during the pandemic when my yoga studio closed and I would have had to rearrange my entire Manhattan apartment to even fit a yoga mat on the floor. It's my one pandemic hobby that stuck, and here I am three years later training to run 26.2 miles.

As someone who never really ran before 2020, figuring out what works for me to feel my best during and after running has been half the battle. There are so many things that I've added to my running routine that I've never even thought of before, like energy gels, compression sleeves, and a water bottle I can take with me on runs. 

My friend and I joke that we've ordered something new for our training schedules every day, and it's not not true. Keep reading for every beauty and wellness product that's made my life infinitely better since I started training. Every product on this list is something I actually use and have tested extensively on long runs, and I advocate for all of them. 

After trying many, many sunscreens on my runs, this is my absolute favorite. It's sweatproof, absorbs quickly, and keeps my skin protected even during long runs. It also doesn't sting my eyes or make my skin feel greasy. 

I keep this SPF-infused lip balm in my legging pocket to reapply as I run. Not only does it keep my lips protected from the sun's harsh rays, but it also smells and tastes good. 

This hat has truly made my life better. It stays on my head, it fits a ponytail perfectly, and it helps boost sun protection on my face when I'm running for hours and can't reapply my sunscreen. 

For a while, I had a handheld running water bottle, but it always annoyed me. I don't like holding something while I run (even if it's strapped to my hand). This waist pack has been a game changer for me. It stays in place, it's easy to use during a run, and it's also a bit bigger than the water bottle I had, so I don't need to fill up as often. 

Unfortunately, I've found that I'm prone to shin splints, particularly when I up my mileage. These compression sleeves help keep my shins supported while I run and increase blood flow. 

The worst part about long runs is that they often lead to chafing in areas you didn't even know could chafe. This chafing stick has been a major help to keep chafing at bay. 

For areas that are more prone to chafing, I follow my Body Glide stick with Vaseline to make sure I'm fully covered.

I take some form of energy to replenish my system every 30 minutes, and this is my favorite flavor of Gu—it tastes like brownie batter. 

For a quick energy hit, these Sport Beans taste like eating candy. 

For really long runs, I'll alternate between other energy forms by mixing this into my water to up my hydration. 

If I don't roll them out, my hips feel like the hips of a 75-year-old after a long run. This foam roller is ridged, which helps get into tough-to-reach areas that need to be rolled out. 

For my calves and quads, I also like using this roller stick for relief. 

Marathon training is hard on your body. When I need to pull out the heavy hitter—which, to be honest, is often—I reach for my Mini Theragun. It helps speed up recovery, work out tough knots, and relieve pain and soreness. 

I realized pretty quickly that I needed to up my protein intake. This protein powder is my favorite because it's organic plant-based protein that doesn't taste bad, and it's easy to add to smoothies. 

These cushiony running shoes make my feet feel supported even on the longest runs. 

These insoles, made specifically for runners with high arches, also help me deal with shin splints. 

When I have time post-run, hopping in my sauna blanket helps improve my recovery time by boosting circulation. Plus, it's relaxing and helps me sleep better.