Ranked: The Best Malin+Goetz Fragrances of All Time

Finding your signature fragrance is a personal exploration. Selecting which notes not only brighten your senses but also work with your body chemistry is one of the many places where science and beauty collide. For anyone with sensitive skin, though, fragrance can be a tough place to let yourself explore. However, some brands have you and your love of scent in mind. One of those brands is Malin+Goetz. Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz launched their namesake brand in 2004 with the spirit of traditional neighborhood apothecaries in mind, crafting gender-neutral offerings made with natural ingredients.

With a line of products that range from bodycare to fragrance, the brand offers plenty of items to fill your spaces with complex scents and awaken your senses. Here, we'll break down each of the brand's signature scents and share a few more best sellers along the way. Each of the scent offerings is complex and, in some cases, completely unexpected—which is what we think makes this beloved brand unique.

Keep reading to find your next signature scent, candle, bodycare staple, or all of the above.

Ranked: The 6 Best Malin and Goetz Fragrances of All Time

1. Cannabis Eau de Parfum

With notes of cannabis, muguet, and magnolia florals, balanced with the bright and grounding aromas of bergamot, cedarwood, patchouli, and sandalwood, this fragrance lets you get lost in the ease of it all sans the THC.

Key Notes

Top: bergamot, black pepper

Middle: magnolia

Base: cedarwood, patchouli, sandalwood

2. Dark Rum Eau de Parfum

Dreaming of a rum cocktail as the ocean breeze hits your skin? Well, we can’t serve up one of those here. But with this scent, inspired by the spirit, you can bask in the spicy, sweet aroma of plum and bergamot paired with notes of leather, rum, and milk.

Key Notes

Top: bergamot, plum, anise

Middle: leather, rum, vanilla

Base: patchouli, amber, milk

3. Leather Eau de Parfum

The smell of leather is an acquired taste for some. However, when bottled in tandem with muted florals, we think it's a scent anyone could love.

Key Notes

Top: lotus flower, pepper, clove

Middle: muguet, orchid, green violet

Base: leather, cedarwood, sandalwood

4. Stem Eau de Parfum

The aroma of fresh-cut flowers can instantly add sunshine to your day. In this case, crushed leaves, stems of green hyacinth and muguet, a blend of mandarin leaves, florets of hyacinth, and greens from wild freesia are at the forefront of this perfume.

Key Notes

Top: mandarin leaves, wild freesia greens, hyacinth florets

Middle: muguet flower stalk, rose centifolia stems, jasmine

Base: white cedar, vetiver, ambrox super, musk molecules

5. Vetiver Eau de Parfum

Merging the historic roots of perfumery and a clean scent palette, this perfume features a beautiful, balanced combination of vetiver, citrus, celery seed, amber, and guaiac wood.

Key Notes

Top: bergamot, cardamom, grapefruit peel

Middle: bigarade African, celery seed, white iris

Base: warm amber, vetiver Haiti, guaiac wood

6. Bergamot Eau de Parfum

Southern Italy may be on your bucket list, but for now, getting lost in this bright scent inspired by the region will take your senses to a new part of the world.

Key Notes

Top: bergamot, bell pepper, grapefruit

Middle: ginger, muguet, cardamom

Base: musk, sandalwood, amberwood

More Malin+Goetz Products to Shop

Finding the right fragrance is a hands-on task, and with this discovery kit, you can try all six of Malin+Goetz's signature scents.

For a grounded scent that acts as a natural stress reliever, this hand-poured candle is one of the brand's best-selling customer favorites. It's sure to bring calm to your space.

Sage clears out old energy and brings in new vibes. For an added touch of sage, light this earthy candle with lavender and cedarwood notes that lasts up to 60 hours.

If you enjoy the vetiver perfume, you can fill your home with the same warm, complex notes.

With the beautiful scent of peony, rose, and geranium coupled with the spice of cardamom, clove, and black pepper, this candle gives an unexpected take on floral scents.

With the refreshing energy of the classic mojito as the star of this fragrance story, you can have a happy hour–filled moment any time of the day.

Notes of floral, bergamot, and cannabis make this candle an earthy, sensory experience.

Spiced rum in a candle form? This sounds perfect for a quiet night in with a book.

If you love worn-in leather, this candle is an excellent fit for your collection.

Before committing to one candle, explore. With this set, you'll get to try the cannabis, dark rum, and leather scents.

Infused with ground pumice, this amino acid– and glycerin-infused foaming gel scrub cleanses and exfoliates the skin.

This waterless multitasking treatment is formulated with 17 botanical oils and butters that melt into a dry oil, which hydrates and soothes even the most sensitive skin.

This dual-use hand-and-body wash rinses away the day without overdrying the skin. The bergamot scent is calming, too.

This formula is infused with peppermint extract and amino acid–based cleansing agents to clean and balance the hair and scalp without stripping natural oils.

This shea butter– and cilantro extract–based product doubles as a leave-in conditioner since it's a great hydrator for the scalp and hair.

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