Profield: Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant's Career Tips

When she was in college studying fashion design, Janie Bryant (neé Katherine Jane Bryant) could not have conceived where her career would lead her: to five Emmy nominations, one win, and limitless accolades for her costume design work on Mad Men and Deadwood. 

"I studied fashion design, and I had all the intentions in the world to go into fashion design," the Cleveland, Tennessee, native told us of the humble beginnings of her fashion career. "I was at a party one night and met a costume designer and started talking to her about her job—it really interested me, and I just started pursuing this dream. I started calling every single person I knew in the film business and telling them that I wanted to be a costume designer and work in the costume department."

Fast-forward 10 years or so, and Bryant's name is practically a household fixture (at least for those of us obsessed with Mad Men)—but how did she really do it? We got the chance to sit down with Bryant, who shared with us her coveted tips for success. Keep scrolling for to learn her magic sauce for career success!