Need a New Dress for Work? Let Mad Men's Janie Bryant Help

If any singular person in the fashion world is qualified to design a collection of chic, work-ready dresses, it's former Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant. After working for six seasons on a show that focused so much on looking stylish at work, Bryant knows a thing or two about it—which makes her collaboration with dress brand Black Halo a logical next step. 

Bryant teamed up with the label for a capsule collection of seven dresses, all perfect for both the office and going out afterward. Think classic but modern approaches to the work dress, including sheaths, two-piece sets, and more.

"I am very particular about how clothes fit, so I really wanted to do a collaboration with Black Halo because I had worn a couple of their dresses before and I just always loved the fit of their product," Bryant told us of the natural partnership. "So the silhouettes are super flattering to the figure. The whole collection is very feminine with a bit of an edge; I really like to incorporate those two things. If it’s all about being pretty, it’s usually not modern enough—so this line is very modern but also very feminine."

"My inspiration was to create a collection that was super lush in colour and in prints, especially with the florals," she continued. "I really wanted to incorporate my love of feminine shapes, and there’s an element of romanticism, too."

Keep scrolling to see and shop our favourites from Janie Bryant's new collection for Black Halo now!

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

Hailing from the heart of the South and cutting her teeth on the mean streets of New York, Meghan has six years of experience covering fashion, style, celebrities, culture, and human behavior. A longtime devotee of rap music, tacos, and generally perfect weather, she is excited to put down roots in Los Angeles. Her top three style staples are a good pair of cutoff shorts, virtually any kind of colorful digi-print, and a solid set of shades.