7 Designer Sunglasses Brands That Are Always Worth the Investment

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Though the days of summer are well behind us, and the winter has brought short days and even longer nights, that doesn’t mean you have to go into full-on hibernation mode. While we understand you might have already put your cutoff shorts and crop tops away in storage, some staples, like a pair of luxury sunglasses, will always be a year-round accessory. In fact, depending on what you have planned for the season, you might need them more now than ever.

Whether you’re heading up into the mountains for a weekend of skiing or jetting off to a warmer, more tropical destination, a pair of sunglasses you can invest in will be the ultimate accessory to all of your ensembles. And when you consider the cost per wear—not to mention the undeniable edge they add—they’re practically a steal.

Are you with us? Scroll down to shop our favorite luxury sunglasses brands. No matter what season it is, these will always look good.

Oliver Peoples

Garrett Leight California Optical

Poms Eyewear


These will look good with anything.


Chloé knows how to make unique shapes.


Wear these on your next vacation.


Trust us—all eyes will be on you.

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