I Love Giving Luxe Gifts on a Budget—This Is the Ultimate Holiday Hack


Beauty Pie

As fun as it is to curate the perfect list of gifts for the people in my life, all these items usually add up to a huge price tag. And despite the damage that gift-giving often does to my bank account, I refuse to sacrifice the luxe gifts that my loved ones deserve. Every year, I find myself searching for high-quality, OMG-I've-always-wanted-this gifts that are still within a reasonable price range for my budget. I recently discovered Beauty Pie, which is an insider's destination for super-luxe products that don't break the bank. With a Beauty Pie Plus membership, you can do all of your holiday shopping for almost everyone in your life for just $59 a year. (That's under $5 a month.) Beauty Pie even offers high-quality beauty products, like do-it-all makeup palettes and on-trend nude lipsticks, for less than $10. I'm pretty sold on this. HBU? If you're in the market for some beauty and lifestyle gifts that are chic and affordable, keep scrolling to see my gift guide below. (FYI, you'll get $10 off your first order if you use the code WHOWHATWEAR10 when signing up for a Beauty Pie Plus membership.)

Note: The products below are priced in accordance with the Beauty Pie Plus membership.

Gifts for the Makeup Enthusiast

Gifts for the Self-Care Lover

Gifts for the Homebody

Gifts for the One On-the-Go