I Swear by This £8 Face Mask When I Have a Breakout

I love a face mask. Apart from cleansing (seriously, is there anything better than getting home from work and giving your face a good wash?), applying a face mask has to be one of my favourite skincare rituals. I'm not a daily masker—Wednesday and Sunday are my dedicated face mask nights, FYI—but I do have various formulas on hand so I can tackle whatever skin issues I'm having at a moment's notice. Whether it's dehydration and sensitivity or dullness and breakouts, there are a handful of masks that I know I can rely on and I always come back to.

In fact, during a particularly troublesome skin week recently, I realised that I've been repurchasing one such mask for the best part of six years—that's how much I swear by it. And, since it's just £8 a pot, I can slather it on totally guilt-free.

The mask in question is Lush's Mask of Magnaminty—a clay-based formula that I love for soothing skin during hormonal breakouts and for calming blemishes that have made an unexpected visit. And yes, if you didn't already know, Lush isn't just a place to shop for bath bombs—it actually has an incredible offering of skincare products too.

Made with skin-brightening peppermint oil, exfoliating aduki beans, antibacterial honey and detoxifying kaolin clay, Mask of Magnaminty manages to be both soothing, radiance-boosting and exfoliating all at once. The mix of natural ingredients means that it's gently yet effective—so there's no risk of irritation—and it also doubles up as a body treatment. Apart from the way that it leaves skin looking brighter and healthier after application, the thing that I love most about it is the fresh, minty scent, which is incredibly uplifting.


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Although the Mask of Magnaminty is an absolute staple in my skincare routine, there have been plenty of other Lush face masks that have woven their way in and out of my stash over the years. Before I chat you through some of my favourites though, it's important to point out that, although the Mask of Magnaminty will last for up to three months once open, the majority of Lush face masks are freshly made and will only last for up to 28 days in the fridge due to all of the fresh, active ingredients.

Keep scrolling for the full lowdown on the best Lush masks—and to shop the ones that are right for your skin's needs.

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Mica Ricketts