I Can't Go Anywhere in NYC Without Seeing This Controversial Trend

One of the many joys of working in fashion is watching the trend cycle play out. You see trends grace the runway and then get eaten alive by fashion editors and industry insiders. A few months go by and one day you walk out your front door only to be surrounded by people everywhere wearing a trend that you can recall its exact origins. It's a true feeling of accomplishment especially when the said trend was initially met with distaste from the general public. 

The description above matches exactly what's going on with low-rise pants and skirts right now. I still remember when the trend first popped up on our radars. Initially, most people were outrageous stating they'd never give it a try. Fast forward to today and I'm almost always in low-rise and can't walk a block without seeing it in NYC.

As an early adopter, I smile every time I see someone in low-rise pants. The confidence that comes with pulling off something so daring says everything I need to know about a person. We should definitely be friends. If you're struggling with styling low-rise jeans, look no further than the seven looks below you should certainly copy.

Baggy white cargo pants are the first type of low-rise pants that we need to talk about. They're all over my Instagram feed right now and a must-have for any It girl. If you're new to low-rise and want to ease into it, try wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms or leggings underneath the pants as seen above.

People won't shut up about how good these pants are.

My obsession with this pair of pants has gone on for too long. I need them in my closet.

If you're wondering what I meant when I said that I see low-rises everywhere in NYC, this photo is a glimpse into the world through my eyes. On nights out in New York, you'll see many groups of girls walking the streets looking just like this. You have to love their confidence.



The more Y2K, the better. I am loving the patches on these low-rise pants since they add a lot of 2000s flare. Since this is a more trendy piece, why not go all out with a statement?

I already made all of my friends buy a skirt like this.

Oh, look, it's me! I was honestly very nervous to wear this set that showed so much skin. Once I got over that, I had never felt more confident in an outfit like this. That's the power of low-rise.



This is another great look to try if you're feeling wary about stepping into low-rise. Wearing a longer shirt with your jeans is a great way to wear the trend without showing too much skin. The cardigan is the perfect added touch, and I'm loving it.

The first time I saw this skirt, I immediately slacked it to my coworkers. It's so good.

You know you've fully embraced the low-rise trend when you're wearing a crop top right along with it. It's giving Britney Spears. I'm so here for it.



Colorblocking at its finest. Wearing something low-rise doesn't have to come at a discomfort to you. This look is perfect for a cozy night out.