The Only 3 Hair Colors Fashion Girls Are Loving in 2019

Like a judiciously placed earring or signature handbag, the right hair color can make an entire lewk. Unlike your other accessories, though, your hair color is a slightly longer-term commitment. Fashion girls know the significance of a trademark shade (whether that's something bold or more natural), but unless you're one of those rare birds who actually enjoys spending every other weekend in the salon, having a fairly low-maintenance hair color is a fashion-girl priority, too.

While strategizing our hair color inspo for 2019, we couldn't help but notice that the vast majority of our favorite fashion influencers fall into one of three consistent hair color categories, each representing a different style identity. It's true: Scrolling through our Instagram feeds, we realized that there's really only a small trio of hair colors dominating the fashion crowd so far this year. Curious? Keep scrolling to see the only three hair colors fashion girls are wearing in 2019.


It makes sense that shiny, sleek, jet-black hair would be a go-to hair color for fashion girls. Just as a pair of black ankle boots goes with everything and always looks chic, so does a cascade of black strands.

We can't even imagine KNC Beauty founder Kristen Noel Crawley without her blindingly shiny, straight, black hair.

Evangelie Smyrniotaki took her hair from dark brown to pitch black a couple months ago, and we fully support it.

Model Yasmin Geurts's almost-greasy goth-princess vibes would not be the same with a lighter hair color. 

Whether it's slicked back in a bun or flowing free, Paloma Elsesser's long, midnight strands always look glamorous.

Stylist María Bernad's black style is slightly shorter and more tousled—and very chic.


There are a lot of ways to go blonde, but among the fashion-girl crowd, we're seeing fewer platinum, ashy, cool tones and high-contrast ombrés, and more sunkissed, golden hues with subtle grow-out at the roots. Think California-girl Joni Mitchell '70s vibes. It's a lower-maintenance color than ice blonde, which gives it an effortlessly cool, feminine air. 

We could stare at Finnish actress Sandra Hagelstam's golden, waist-length mane all day long.

We're loving Courtnee Ruth Crews's subtle dimension of bright and honey blonde.

Oslo-based influencer Nnenna Echem's warm blonde is a '70s fantasy.

Mexico City blogger Fer Medina's hair color makes us want to go on vacation.

Lived-in roots + bright-blonde ends + effortless waves + parted bangs = French-girl goals


Technicolor hair (we're talking everything from electric blue to magenta to orange) is fairly common in the fashion influencer world. These girls treat their hair less like a wardrobe basic and more like a statement piece—like a Susan Alexandra bag or a neon puffer.

We can always expect daring hair colors from Margaret Zhang. Last year, we loved her brilliant shock of magenta, but we're equally digging this new deep-sea blue. 

Pink Hair



This fun bubblegum pink was all over the GCDS S/S 19 runway.

Courtney Trop is one of our favorite fashion experimenters. We hope she brings back this seafoam green she debuted last summer.

Orange Hair



Another bold look we couldn't stop staring at from the Aalto S/S 19 runway.

Model Irene Kim's soft purple play on neon hair works great for brunettes. 

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