3 Home Décor Tips We Learned From an Interior Expert


(Image credit: Loro Piana)

Over the past year and a half, many of us have been inspired to invest in our home spaces. Function wasn’t enough—we wanted our spaces to be a sanctuary and to provide comfort, joy, and a means for self-expression. Our editors are no exception. Whether we’re covering the home accessories fashion people own or the spa-core design trend, you likely noticed a large uptick of décor stories on Who What Wear. And in our experience, once you start delving into the world of home décor, you’re on the path to a lifelong interest in interiors.


(Image credit: Loro Piana)

Accordingly, we jumped at the chance when Loro Piana, the iconic clothing brand known for understated Italian elegance, invited us to preview its first-ever interior and lifestyle pop-up in Aspen, Colorado. The space allows guests to directly experience the brand’s home assortment, including its made-to-order furniture collection and special pieces by esteemed designers such as Gabetti and Isola and Raphael Navot. To learn more about the pop-up and get a few design tips, we spoke with Francesco Pergamo, director of Loro Piana Interiors. Keep reading to check out the interior expert’s advice for incorporating personality pieces, how to make your space feel luxurious, and the best timeless trends to invest in. And of course, if you’re in the Aspen area, make sure to check out the pop-up yourself from December 13 to 21.


(Image credit: Francesco Pergamo)

Francesco Pergamo, director of Loro Piana Interiors

Tip 1: Look for pieces with personality in terms of lines, colors, and materials that are balanced by pure lines. 


(Image credit: Loro Piana)

What are your tips for incorporating pieces with a lot of personality into your space?

I can answer from a Loro Piana Interiors perspective. We consider the pieces that you can see on display here in Aspen, pieces with a lot of personality. The Palm Duet Chaise Longue, which can be considered in between a sculpture and a piece of furniture, or the Bul-Bo Soft lamp (pictured above) or even our Ginza furniture, all these pieces have their own personality in terms of lines, colors, and materials. But they have also pure lines—either geometric, square (as in the Ginza furniture), or sinuous (as in the Palm Duet or in the Bul-Bo). This purity makes the objects quite versatile and at ease in different contexts. We have brought the Ginza furniture on board yachts, into very contemporary homes, and even into classic rooms. They are so neat, so essential in their shapes, that it is very easy to fit them; much depends on the upholstery. Even the Palm Duet, with its perfect proportions and its softness, can be at ease in a bedroom, in a sitting room, everywhere you want to create a corner of pleasure and relaxation. The Bul-Bo is an iconic design piece. It can be considered an art piece. It is also joyful, informal, and very versatile.

Tip 2: Pure lines, quality in crafting, excellent fabrics, and proportions are timeless elements to consider.


(Image credit: Loro Piana)

What are some timeless trends in the design world that you think are smart to invest in?

I think that pure lines, quality in crafting, excellent fabrics, details, and proportions are timeless elements, and you can find them all in our pieces. Moreover, with the pandemic, the desire of having spaces of comfort and relaxation has brought the attention to comfort, softness, and pleasure more than pure aesthetics. And again, we feel very much at ease in this. At Loro Piana Interiors, aesthetics always goes hand in hand with functionality and understatement.

Tip 3: Always privilege the quality of fabrics.


(Image credit: Loro Piana)

Any other design tips to make our spaces feel luxurious?

Always privilege the quality of fabrics. One piece upholstered, for instance, in cashmere in a stunning shade can add a luxurious touch everywhere. Not to mention accessories: pillows, throws that we offer in an extremely rich palette, ready-made or made-to-order. Carefully chosen, they guarantee softness, elegance, and they are a great occasion to play with colors and to follow your own personal taste and creativity.

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