Play Station

Sandro Tilt Graphic T-Shirt ($250) in Black and White

Paige Skyline Ankle Peg Jeans ($209) in Embellished Vapor

Isson Ella Sunglasses ($309) in Sky Blocks

Bing Bang Black Label Spike Stud Earrings ($78, 212.925.7020) in Brass

Bing Bang Bastille Iron Work Ring ($88) in Brass

Bing Bang Mixed Rings ($78) in Variety

Bing Bang Boyfriend Chain Bracelet ($80) in Silver

Cassidy Lange The London Middle Bag ($350) in Ivory/Black

Marni Vinyl Sandals ($570, 323.930.2230) in Black


>Hair: Charles McNair/Jed Root 

>Makeup: Kristina Brown/Jed Root

>Manicure: Michelle Saunders/Celestine Agency