London Has Spoken—These 7 Trends Will Take Over Next Fall


JW Anderson via Imaxtree; Chet Lo via Imaxtree; Courtesy of Tove Studio

Fashion month might be a regularly scheduled biannual event, but the timing never fails to surprise me. It creeps up on me slowly and all at once, and before I know it, I'm in the thick of it. So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that London Fashion Week had already come and gone. And with it came a strikingly cohesive message from the designers who showcased their collections there. Their designs represented the fact that a new era for Britain has arrived.

Last season, London Fashion Week attendees were left in a state of shock upon the realization that the queen had passed just days before the events. Celebrations were halted, and runway shows continued on paying homage to the queen. After many "changing of the guards" later, we've reached the first fashion week hosted by London since.

A show that truly marks the change that has happened in London since last fashion week was none other than Burberry. The announcement of Daniel Lee's departure from Bottega Veneta and arrival at Burberry left everyone waiting to see what he would do. His work sent a clear message. The designs mirrored traditional British emblems but with an update—think head-to-toe plaid, oversize fur hats that resemble those of the queen's guard, and traditional tailoring paired with graphic T-shirts. 

The 2023 update on the traditional British wardrobe sounds exactly like what I would like to be wearing this upcoming fall and winter. One thing that LFW designers had this season was fun. Below, find the seven trends they showcased that are guaranteed to take over next fall.


Chet Lo via Imaxtree; Courtesy of David Koma; Courtesy of Simone Rocha; Courtesy of Erdem

At this point, we've seen it all. But nothing is more eye-catching than 3D textures, and London Fashion Week designers are fully stepping behind this trend. There's a youthful nature to the popcorn-inspired texture that lined the tops and dresses that waltzed down the runway, and I'm ready to give it a try.

Shop the trend:

Elegance in the form of popcorn kernels.

Here's proof that I need a party invite ASAP.

I'm calling this wedding guest attire.


Courtesy of David Koma; Courtesy of Ahluwalia; Courtesy of Burberry; Roksanda via Imaxtree

Want to take an outfit that you already own to the next level? All you need to add is a pair of colorful tights, and the job is done. Now that designers in both New York and London have fully embraced red tights, I'm already seeing them sell out. Make your moves now on this trend that's so easy to commit to.

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Straight off the runway and only $16.

Just imagine how fun these would be with your favorite white dress.

Purple is big this year, and I am currently living in it.


Courtesy of Tove Studio; JW Anderson via Imaxtree; Di Petsa via Imaxtree; Courtesy of Emilia Wickstead

Now, this is a trend that's easy to get behind. Why? Nothing is more effortlessly chic than draped fabric hanging off your figure. There's something so subtly '90s about this one, and I'm here for it.

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My dream going-out/date-night/everywhere top.

You'll get a million wears out of this dress.

This dress would 100% be approved by the designers at London Fashion Week.


Courtesy of Emilia Wickstead; JW Anderson via Imaxtree; Courtesy of Ahluwalia; Courtesy of Burberry

Remember that British heritage that I spoke of earlier? Here's an example of exactly what I meant. There is something so regal about the checked print that took over Burberry's runways. If you're a fan of the preppy aesthetic, this one is for you.

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I'm taking notes on the styling here.

This skirt is just giving Daniel Lee's Burberry.


JW Anderson via Imaxtree; Courtesy of David Koma; Courtesy of Simone Rocha; Fashion East via Imaxtree

It's about time that the shoulder pads that ruled the '80s came back around. David Bowie would be proud of us. This trend makes any look feel like a statement and is best paired with tailored separates.


Courtesy of Burberry; Courtesy of Eudon Choi; Mark Fast via Imaxtree; Talia Byre via Imaxtree

Blanket coats broke the internet this past winter, and LFW designers are fully behind the trend that deserves to become a wardrobe staple. There is just something so cozy about finding a coat that comes with a built-in blanket. Comfort really does come first these days, and I'm definitely not complaining.

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Running to buy this before it sells out.

I want this berry colorway in my life.


16Arlington via Imaxtree; Courtesy of Burberry; Courtesy of Eudon Choi; Chet Lo via Imaxtree

When it comes to skirts, we've seen it all in the past year. We saw regular minis transform into micro minis, and then my midi-skirt collection quickly got swapped out for maxis—which sounds like a tongue twister in itself. When it comes to skirts, just enjoy whatever style makes you feel best, but if you haven't tried knee-length yet, I'm begging you to. I wore it to New York Fashion Week, and it was love at first sight. London designers are also backing it.

Shop the trend:

When you style this skirt correctly, you'll fall in love.

A skirt I recently wore and am very excited about.

My kind of matching set comes from Tom Ford.