43 Lingerie-Inspired Swimsuits That Will Make You Do a Double-Take


Courtesy of Lonely

Swim trends come and go, but I have a feeling this one is here for the long-haul. While lingerie has almost always inspired and informed the design of swimwear for women, it hasn't been until just recently that that inspiration has gone from informing the construction of the suits to the overall aesthetic. While underwire tops and brief bottoms are nothing new, you'll still be quite shocked when you see the lingerie-inspired collection of 43 swimsuits lined up one after the other. Because truly, they look exactly like the inside of your negligee drawer. 

From lace to laces, ruffles to soft florals, take a gander at the most striking lingerie-inspired swimsuits that are guaranteed to receive compliments and double-takes a plenty. That is, whenever we're able to lay on the beach or by a pool again. Since we're predicting this pretty swimsuit trend won't be going anywhere any time soon, there's no harm in stocking up on it now, even despite these uncertain times. 

Ahead, shop all 43 of the lingerie-inspired swimsuits we're fawning over this summer. 

What all of us deserve to be wearing while sipping our coffee in the morning. 

The swimsuit I legitimately cannot stop thinking about. 

Shop the matching Daphnie Bikini Bottom ($84).

Trust me—this will quickly become one of your favorite bikini tops. 

Carole Baskin–approved. 

Shop the matching Hipster Bikini Bottoms ($18).

There are lots of pretty Instagrams in this suit's future. 

Shop the matching Rose Garden High-Waist Bikini Bottoms ($115).

Simple but striking.

Shop the matching Edie Bikini Bottoms ($108).

Glittery swimwear is guaranteed to shimmer and shine all summer long. 

Shop the matching Willa Tri Brief Port ($99).

This swimsuit brand gets underwire tops right every single time. 

Almost too pretty to wear...almost.

Leave it to a lingerie brand to design the best lingerie-inspired swimwear.

Shop the matching Lace Up High Waist Bikini ($135).

One more Anemone suit because, well, look at it! 

Floral prints don't always have to be loud. 

Shop the matching Toulon Bikini Bottoms ($90).

Because a red bikini is always a good idea.

Shop the matching High Waisted Bikini Bottom ($70).

The kind of bikini top you can also wear as a real top. 

Shop the matching Leila Bottom ($90).


If you love wearing push-up bras, this swimsuit is for you.

Shop the matching Bikini Bottoms High Waist ($18).

I can't tell what I love more—the print or the bows.

Shop the matching Printed Bikini Bottoms ($85).

Slowly getting accustomed to lace on swimwear. 

Shop the matching Daisy Lace Bikini Bottom ($114).

In case you're in the mood to splurge. 

Shop the matching High Waisted Bikini Bottom ($370).

Bright whites look great in the summer sun.

Shop the matching Eva Bikini Bottoms ($79).

Ookioh's color selection will have you completely beside yourself.  

Shop the matching Sedona Bottom ($49).

The texture makes this suit look 10 times more expensive. 

There's something so chic about a simple bikini.

Shop the matching Chelsea Bottoms ($78).

This honestly looks like what I sleep in.

Shop the matching Brazilian Bikini Bottoms ($18).

Unusual underwire for the win.

Shop the matching Textured Bikini Bottom ($21).

This top would look just as cute with jeans.

Shop the matching Frill of It Bottom ($85).

The sale price is making this one non-negotiable. 

Word on the street is this bikini is insanely comfortable. 

Shop the matching Second Wave Classic Bikini Bottom ($40).

Your tan lines are about to be just as interesting as this suit. 

Shop the matching Minas Bottom ($90).


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