The Fall Jewelry Trend NYC Girls Are Wearing Right Now

When it comes to styling prowess, there are some things New York City girls just do better. Making athleisure look chic, turning black into a sartorial statement, and layering jewelry like you've never seen top the list.

For proof, look at the women on the streets at fashion week, on subway platforms, and hailing a cab in the middle of the crosswalk. But these everyday encounters with the effortlessly chic are fleeting—what are we to do without the opportunity to ask the on-the-go maven where, pray tell, that bracelet is from and whether she might share a pointer or two on her stacking game?

So we decided to assemble some of the most fashionable ladies in town—including our own Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr—and get them to spill their jewelry secrets at our very first Bangle Bash with PANDORA. Want to see how these fashion girls styled their pieces? Read on to see the many ways to up your jewelry game.

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