20 Lace Dresses You're Going to Wear All Summer Long

When it comes to building out your summer wardrobe, there’s one item that’s sure to top the list: a lace dress. If you’re looking for that elegant essential that you’ll be able to wear to everything, consider this one. And what’s more is that while we love our lace dresses for winter, spring, summer, and fall, there’s something about the warmer months that just begs for the trend.

We love lace dresses for their inherent texture, making it one of the ultimate one-and-done looks you can add to your wardrobe, not only for summer but for the rest of the year as well. Be it white, red, blue, or another hue entirely, these versatile dresses are a no-brainer when you’re heading to everything from the office to after-hours cocktails. What’s more is that a summer lace dress is the easiest look to transform in a snap, adding a blazer or leather jacket, heels or sneakers, and jewelry at your leisure, depending on where you’re headed.

From Zara to Dolce & Gabbana, in silhouettes that range from a shift to waist-accentuating wrap dresses, here are 20 of our favorite summer lace dresses to shop now.

As obsessed with lace dresses as we are? Update your summer wardrobe with the 20 chic dresses above.

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