I Wear These 6 Trends Because of Kris Jenner—Sue Me

I just love Kris Jenner—she’s a true queen in my eyes. Yep, I just put that out into the universe. Sure, I respect her as a mother and businesswoman (clearly I don’t need to remind you of all of her accomplishments), but it’s her style I’m enamored with most. Yes, yes, the fashion spotlight is typically on Kendall, Kim, and company (we write about their looks on the reg), but Kris’s sartorial choices are often underrated, in my opinion.

Whenever I watch her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or spot her on my IG feed, I often do a style double-take. Because more often than not, I want to wear her specific outfits—everything from her sleek all-leather looks to her cool camo-accented ensembles. It’s to the point where my closet now resembles that of Queen Jenner, filled with pieces I’ve always had based on my style and items inspired by her sophisticated yet playful vibe.

Below, I’m sharing the top KJ trends I love and that you should consider testing out as well—if you haven’t already, of course.