I Wear These 6 Trends Because of Kris Jenner—Sue Me

I just love Kris Jenner—she’s a true queen in my eyes. Yep, I just put that out into the universe. Sure, I respect her as a mother and businesswoman (clearly I don’t need to remind you of all of her accomplishments), but it’s her style I’m enamored with most. Yes, yes, the fashion spotlight is typically on Kendall, Kim, and company (we write about their looks on the reg), but Kris’s sartorial choices are often underrated, in my opinion.

Whenever I watch her on Keeping Up With the Kardashians or spot her on my IG feed, I often do a style double-take. Because more often than not, I want to wear her specific outfits—everything from her sleek all-leather looks to her cool camo-accented ensembles. It’s to the point where my closet now resembles that of Queen Jenner, filled with pieces I’ve always had based on my style and items inspired by her sophisticated yet playful vibe.

Below, I’m sharing the top KJ trends I love and that you should consider testing out as well—if you haven’t already, of course.

The Trend: Crisp Suiting

If you scroll through as many Kris Jenner images as I have recently, you’ll notice she wears a tailored suit in just about every other pic. The reason is clear: It’s a sophisticated look that means business. And that’s the kind of vibe that sums up KJ perfectly.

kris jenner style


Getty Images

Step out in a directional tailored suit for the ultimate power move.

The Trend: Statement Leather

You can’t go wrong with a statement leather piece. The perfect jacket (or jacket dress, in this case) can make any outfit you’re wearing feel that much cooler. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I’ve been building a leather collection to rival that of Kris Jenner’s for a few years now.

kris jenner style leather jacket


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The beauty of this leather is you can remove the shearling collar for a fresh take.

The Trend: Chunky Flat Boots

While Kris definitely wears a variety of heels, she seems to wear a plethora of sneakers and boots as well. Yes, I more or less want to storm my business meetings in chunky boots too.

Kris Jenner Style Boots


Getty Images

All the fashion girls are getting behind Dr. Martens this fall.

The Trend: Military-Inspired Pieces

Kris clearly didn’t bring the military-inspired trend to the fashion forefront—it’s been around for seasons and seasons—but she certainly has solidified it as a must-try trend. To get real for a moment, one of my favorite KJ moments is when she sits on Keeping Up in an oversize military jacket and sunglasses during meetings at her house. Goals.

Kris Jenner Style Military Trend


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The Trend: Eye-Catching Sunglasses

If you watch KUWTK, you’ll undoubtedly notice Kris Jenner’s expansive eyewear collection. But she doesn’t always go for the classics—the bigger or more unique, the better. Did I happen to purchase a pair of Saint Laurent sunglasses because of her? Possibly.

Kris Jenner Style Sunglasses


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The eyewear brand all the cool girls are wearing now.

The Trend: Elevated Athleisure

Just like her daughters, Kris often steps out in a variety of athleisure pieces (like her drawstring pants here). The only difference is she tends to favor the more elevated pieces you can dress up or down. This is definitely worth noting if you want to stay comfortable yet sleek at work.

Kris Jenner Style Track Pants


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Shop More KJ-Inspired Must-Haves:

Kris Jenner doesn’t say no to a sleek blazer, and neither should you.

Are they track pants? Trousers? Exactly.

Remember how I mentioned KJ’s love of the military jacket? Here’s a perfect iteration. I actually own this particular style.

V. into these sleek combat boots to get you through the season.

Sophisticated outerwear is another trend Kris adores.

The white piping on this classic moto jacket brings it to the next level.

Because sometimes you just need to hide from everyone in oversize shades.

It’s no secret Kris loves an all-black moment. Incorporate this staple into your fall wardrobe to achieve that look too.