Kate Somerville Is a Skincare Legend—These Are the 12 Products She Swears By

Welcome to What I Buy From My Own Brand—a special series spotlighting our favorite CEOs and beauty bosses. Here, they'll provide context regarding what they look for and value while shopping (or creating!) top-notch beauty products in addition to providing a list of the formulas they purchase from their own brands. Up next, skincare legend Kate Somerville, paramedical esthetician for 25 years and founder of Kate Somerville Skincare and Clinic. Enjoy! 

My approach to beauty is that I want an effective yet easy-to-use and on-the-go routine. When I'm formulating new products for my line, it’s important to me that we’re creating clinical, legitimate skincare solutions that can be used from the comfort of home. Ease of use is important, but so is providing lasting and visible results. That is the core of the brand. My products are inspired by real treatments we provide in our Melrose Clinic. I believe everybody deserves beautiful skin, and it is my promise to get them there—from the clinic or from their own homes.

The first thing I do when I formulate new products is to identify what I’m trying to address. Is it sensitive skin, aging, overprocessed skin? We then go through a medley of different top ingredients that are clinically effective and have proven results. We want to ensure we’re balancing the actives with ingredients that calm and soothe so you get the ultimate result without the downtime.

As far as how my routine has changed over the years, I definitely use more retinol now—more AHAs. In makeup, I’ve moved away from heavier powder foundations to buildable and breathable liquid formulas. I need to hydrate my skin more, so the DermalQuench Liquid Lift ($95) is great to help retain moisture and key for hydration. And if I see more visible wrinkles and fine lines, I love the Wrinkle Warrior ($98).

Her Everyday Morning Routine

In the morning, I cleanse with ExfoliKate Cleanser ($38) for exfoliation twice a week. You can use it at night, but I prefer to use it in the morning for a radiant glow throughout the day. It gently removes the dead skin and allows makeup to sit on the face beautifully. I like to use it in the shower because the steam helps to open up my pores.

Post-shower, I apply DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior ($98) to lock in moisture and provide a super-hydrating base that plumps up the skin. Depending on where I am in the world—NYC, L.A., or a city with a lot of pollution—I want to protect my skin.

At the end of the day, I cleanse with the Gentle Daily Wash ($36)—it is sulfate-free and doesn’t strip your natural oils.

For correction purposes, I use the Liquid ExfoliKate ($58) as a toner. It is the next level of cleansing and it provides a bit of exfoliation.

Next, I apply Kx Active Concentrates Bio-Mimicking Peptides Serum ($98)—it’s a high concentrate of peptides that helps improve firmness and elasticity in the skin.

This is my holy-grail product. It totally transforms skin in just two minutes. Rough skin—gone. Blackheads—gone. Pore size—minimized.

This is my number one favorite moisturizer because it’s packed with peptides but clinically proven to reduce redness. It is an anti-aging powerhouse and perfect for sensitive skin.

I use this moisturizer for radiance and aging. 

I love this oil—it is all-purpose for my hair, nails, and my face. It smells great, almost like a perfume.

This product is a must-have. I use all three variations from the line for different reasons. I’ll use the original DermalQuench Liquid Lift ($95) when I want a little hydration over the skin and makeup to add dewiness. I use DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior ($98) daily for heavy hydration. And at night my go-to is DermalQuench +Retinol ($98).

I have to have this peel. It is a nighttime cream/mask that delivers retinol and glycolic. I put a big thick layer and go to bed twice a week.

This stays in my cabinet to treat that one-off pimple—I think of it as my insurance policy against pimples.

A necessity—you should always use SPF, and this product makes it incredibly easy to incorporate it into your daily routine. It is SPF 50 in a lightweight fine mist. I use it to set my makeup.

This formula provides exfoliation and hydration all in one moisturizer.

I couldn’t live without my moisturizer with goat milk. It is great for irritated skin, and I use it when my eczema flares up.

This eye cream firms, hydrates, and repairs—and it has a great delivery system that does it all.

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