5 Things You Didn't Know About Kate Bosworth's New Fashion App

Kate Bosworth and co-owner of American Rag Cie Samantha Russ have teamed up to create Style Thief, a free, dream-come-true fashion app that gives iPhone users (an Android version is coming soon) the opportunity to “snap and steal”—a.k.a. purchase—someone’s clothing item simply by taking a photo of it. Cue the slow clap from the collective fashion world! It’s genius; think about all the times you wanted to know what someone on the street is wearing or where you can buy it. With a click of a button, the app’s visual recognition technology helps you find that exact item, or similar styles, and shop it there, all in one swoop. We chatted with Bosworth and Russ to learn more about their partnership, how the app actually works, and what’s next! Keep reading for our exclusive interview.


1. Bosworth was completely involved in the design of the app.
Russ: I don't know if you know this, but Kate is very, very good about being a partner. Anything she's involved in, it's 110 percent. I've never seen that in another person, let alone someone with her busy schedule.

Bosworth: I understand an eye roll when it comes to a celebrity partnering with something in terms of what they're actually doing, but I think my involvement with the past projects have proven that I'm involved in every aspect, almost to their annoyance. My husband [Style Thief’s Chief Creative Officer Michael Polish] designed the graphics and helped with everything from the marketing to how the app works. We're a true partnership.

2. The technology mimics the way the brain sees things.
Russ: It’s the visual recognition aspect. The API (application programming interface) essentially mimics the way the brain sees prints and colors and shape.

3. You can snap more than just clothing.
Bosworth: You can take a photo of something like a rug and transfer it to dresses and skirts to come up with prints that are similar. What I love about [Style Thief] is it asks what do you see in the world, what are you inspired by, and how do you translate that into fashion? You can fill your wardrobe in a way that you might not have been able to. You can take a picture of this [black and white striped] awning and come up with the right striped dress you want. 

4. Style Thief was a big motivation for Bosworth taking her Instagram public.
Bosworth: I had been kind of discovering [Instagram] on my own, and it was similar to Twitter, where I had to figure out a balance of feeling like I want to protect my privacy, but also share the way I see the world. I feel it's a true representation of who I am, how I see things, and what I'm inspired by. Certainly the launch of this app, and having it be so much about how we see the world, was a big motivation. 

5. A handbag and shoe section are coming soon!
According to Bosworth, the shoe and handbag recognition will be coming in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned, shoppers.