This Crazy Photo Proves Just How Tall Karlie Kloss Is

We have some shocking news for you: Supermodels are pretty tall. We kid, we kid! Of course you know that most models, especially those that walk the runway, tend to be taller than the average woman, and Karlie Kloss is certainly no exception. We first stopped to notice her remarkable 6'2" frame in the model's famous "Kloss walk" interview with Man Repeller. She towered over Leandra Medine, and Leandra is tall! (Pause for a moment at 5:41 in the video to see what we mean.)

Now we've discovered another crazy height comparison that really takes the cake. To celebrate Kloss's 24th birthday earlier this week, Eva Longoria posted a hilarious and sweet Instagram photo of the two of them together. While the actress joked that they're "basically twins," Kloss is actually exactly one foot taller than Longoria. The difference is remarkable with the two standing hip to hip. Well, here's to Karlie—happy birthday!

Keep scrolling to see the photo for yourself, and shop some items perfect for all of you tall ladies out there. 

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To all our tall girls out there, what style tips and tricks are a part of your wardrobe? Share with us in the comments below!

Opening Image: @karliekloss

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