Travel Tips Every Stylish Woman Should Know, According to Jodhi Meares

People who are on and off planes more often than they are on the ground are trusted sources for the best travel advice. As we start to switch off our laptops and leave our desks in search of sun (or snow—someone take me skiing in Aspen, please!), we asked Jodhi Meares—creative director of The Upside (and stylish traveller)— for her non-negotiable travel tips.

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The Upside

I try to get a good night's sleep before a flight to ensure I am not tired or rushed on my way to the airport. Once I’m on the flight, I try to unplug as much as possible and simply rest. If you have to hit the ground running upon landing, it’ll take you even longer to get going if you’ve been awake for the whole flight.

Take vitamins—I find that planes are the easiest place to catch a cold, so I’ll usually have a vitamin shot from my doctor before I travel. Speak to your naturopath and stock up on the essential vitamins before your trip.

Try an oxygen facial before your departure date, particularly on any long-haul flight. They cleanse the skin of pollutants and leave you feeling fresh enough to handle that 12 hour journey. 

Make sure you get on the plane with clean skin. Always carry a cleanser, I love Australian brand Aesop—the products smell amazing and it has convenient travel sizes.

Indulge in natural scents. The air gets stale on a plane and I tend not to wear perfume, so I mix my own oils. Lavender or rose water are calming and the gentlest scent for the plane.

Dress as comfortably as possible. I wear The Upside leggings on most of my trips, as they’re soft and easy to move in. It always gets cold on long-haul flights, so I make sure to take extra layers, like a cashmere sweater and socks.

Stay super hydrated. I take hydrolytes and electrolytes everywhere with me. Also try to eat as clean as possible on the plane to save yourself from a belly ache later. 

Find a really good book to engross yourself in. You can actually make the trip a great time to unwind. If you don’t want to read, meditate or discover new music.

Packing light is for backpackers. Unless you’re trekking the Inca Trail in Peru, you do need all those extra bags. Shoes are bulky, and my wardrobe mainly consists of sneakers. Of course, New York in winter calls for thick coats and heavy layers, so I find there’s no way around it – I have to pack heavy. 

I find that people who don’t travel often pack the weirdest things. Take the clothes that you’re wearing at the moment. You don’t need to reinvent yourself because you’re going to Berlin. Leave the gown at home—if you happen to meet Johnny Depp and he invites you to the Oscars, you can go out and buy a new dress.

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