I Always Get Compliments on My Jewelry—These Are the 30 Pieces I'm Obsessed With


@gracejoshua13; Pictured: Vince top; Janthee belly chain

If there's one thing I love, it's jewelry. If you ask me, jewelry isn't just the cherry on top of a great outfit. It's a major player when it comes to styling killer outfits. Jewelry can take even the simplest outfits up a notch. Layers of dainty gold chains and necklaces can take your T-shirt-and-jeans outfit from underwhelming to a classic look that's put-together and elevated. When it comes to jewelry, we all have our own preferences, and I'm a gold girl. As someone with brown skin, I have always gravitated toward gold. I find that it looks the best with my undertones. I'm always wearing tons of jewelry. Usually, I have on two to three necklaces, hoop earrings, three to four rings, and a watch, and sometimes if I'm on the beach or if I'm wearing low-rise pants, I love to add on a body chain. And yes, I do know that may seem excessive to some, but if I'm not wearing any jewelry, then I feel naked. I always get people asking me where I shop for my jewelry and what affordable jewelry brands to look out for, and since I'd never gatekeep, I rounded up 30 great jewelry pieces that are so chic and don't break the bank.

Keep scrolling to see which jewelry pieces I'm eyeing right now.

The perfect under-$100 hoop earrings. 

I'm obsessed with rings like these. This M Jewelers one is perfect. 

I love a gold chain for layering. 

A good gold chain is a must-have. 

I have been eyeing this necklace for a while now. I think it's time I go for it. 

These under-$45 hoops are stunning. 

I have these, and every time I wear them, I get so many compliments. These are my go-to party earrings. 

I just ordered these, and I cannot wait for them to come in. 

I love this heart necklace. It's great for a girl's-night look. 

This pearl chain choker is so pretty. 

Love these heart-shaped earrings.

I love a custom nameplate necklace, and I just got this one. 

I love these pearl hoops, but I love the price point more. 

I just got this necklace, and I can't wait to style it. 

I love a good bodychain, and this $25 one is perfect. 

This would be the perfect addition to a little black dress. 

This necklace has Gen Z written all over it. 

This tennis necklace is at the top of my wish list. 

This floral necklace is super on-trend and fun. It would be great for a party.