Jennifer Aniston and Uma Thurman Love This Jet Peel Facial, So I Tried It


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There are luxurious spa experiences, and then there are spas that are so divine they make you feel as is you stepped out of your own reality and into a version of heaven. The spa at the newly opened West Hollywood Edition Hotel falls squarely in the latter. Several months ago, I had the privilege of getting to experience the hotel as a guest and be pampered with a transformative facial at the holistic wellness-oriented spa.

I don't like to throw around the term dreamy because it's overused, but I think it applies here because upon my first step into the hotel's sun-drenched lobby, I caught a whiff of the signature Le Labo scent that fills each Edition space across the world, and, well, it was something out of a dream. I spent the next 48 hours mostly living out of the hotel's absurdly plush bathrobe, and, when I wasn't, practicing mindfulness and logging my downward dogs as part of a weekend retreat led by Yoga for Bad People. But the real reason I'm telling you about all of this is because of the game-changing facial I received from the hotel spa.


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What is a jet peel facial?

During my stay at the Edition, I elected to try out the Glow facial on offer at the spa. The treatment's main event is the use of its cutting-edge jet peel technology, sometimes called an oxygen facial, which essentially uses a formula of 99% oxygen and a customized serum and injects it into your face by way of a targeted stream of air, much like a jet. (No literal injections here.) The effect of the oxygenated air is to lift and firm, leaving you with nicely hydrated and plump-feeling skin. Although my journey to the hotel consisted of a 30-minute drive west down Sunset Boulevard, I could only imagine that this facial would work wonders on to revive dull and tired skin after a long-winded journey.

According to my lovely esthetician, this jet peel technology has been around for years in Europe but has yet to really becoming a thing here in the States, making the Edition's treatment all the more exclusive. It made sense that I had never heard of a jet peel facial before heading into the spa, but after doing some research, I learned that it boasts an impressive roster of celebrity fans, including Jennifer Aniston, Uma Thurman, and Demi Moore. There's no end to the lengths that one can go in the quest for the kind of age-defying skin that celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and more are known for, and this treatment is the latest thing we've taken it upon ourselves to test-drive, among the many devices, treatments, and products we've given our review.


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What to expect

Though the jet peel was the highlight, the Glow facial I got actually involved multiple steps, and ultimately the specific combination is what left me with such a strong impression. After cleansing with a hydrating cleansing milk, the esthetician applied a combination of the red algae and vitamin C masks, all from the brand Osea. The algae mask helps to speed up the skin's natural recovery process while the vitamin C mask aids in brightening, evening the overall tone, and lifting those stubborn dark spots.


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The next step was the use of an LED mask for about 10 minutes. My esthetician, Jodi, let me know that she selected two light colors specifically for my skin type: red light to boost collagen production and maintain firm, buoyant skin texture, and blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria and stimulate cell growth and renewal, essentially speeding up the post-acne recovery process.

In the days afterward, I was so impressed with how the LED light fought off existing and oncoming acne that I was convinced to add some light therapy into my at-home routine, too, and found the below two devices to be both popular and within my budget. (The exact mask we used during the facial was definitely high-end—I checked.)


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Finally, she put the jet peel machine to use. It's a rather large machine that sits on the floor and deploys the use of a jet pack, which then is blown onto your skin. The jet is filled with the oxygenated water and then customized with a serum or two to help target specific skin concerns. For my treatment, we used a jet pack with an aloe serum and one with a hyaluronic acid serum, respectively, to dial up the hydration and make the skin plumper.


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The sensation of the air from the jet pack blowing onto my skin was foreign but not entirely uncomfortable. We did two rounds, one with the wand at an angle to lift any dead skin and leftover makeup and a second time around with the wand blowing directly down to supercharge my face with all that hydrating, plumping goodness.

What are the benefits?


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Now for the part you've been waiting for. What are the benefits of this kind of facial treatment? Well, I can certainly say that it did its job of plumping my skin and leaving it looking taught and firm, as you can see here. I snapped this image an hour or so post-treatment, which speaks to the immediate (and visible) effects of the facial.

Later that evening when getting ready to go out, I noticed that my newly refreshed skin made for a particularly good base for makeup and that everything looked a bit brighter and glowier. Over the course of the following week, I definitely noticed a difference. My acne subsided, my dry spots and dark under-eye circles disappeared, and my skin tone was more even than it's been in a long time. 

Where can I get one?


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If you made it this far, you're probably interested in finding out where and how you can try out this facial for yourself. While the jet peel technology has yet to hit the mainstream public and be easily accessible, you can look into booking the Glow facial at the Edition's spa. I won't lie, since this is a rather exclusive treatment, it comes with an equally exclusive price tag. But really, it's way more than just a facial since the relaxing vibe and luxurious amenities (think plush bathrobe, access to the steam and sauna) make this a truly elevated experience all around. 

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This press trip was paid for by the Edition hotel; editor's opinions are her own.

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