The Differences Between Japanese and American Bra Preferences

If there's one topic we'll never tire of here at Who What Wear, it's lingerie. From celebrity-approved lingerie trends to everyday bras that are beloved by real women to popular Italian lingerie trends, it's safe to assume that there isn't a single facet of the subject that doesn't fascinate us. So it should come as no surprise that this recent tweet from Cora Harrington, the founder and editor in chief of The Lingerie Addict, immediately caught our attention.

The tweet in question, which is embedded below ICYMI, calls out a few of the key differences between Japanese and American bra preferences. Intrigued? Needless to say, so were we. To learn more, we reached out directly to Harrington and asked her to elucidate the topic for us—and she did not disappoint.

Ahead, The Lingerie Addict breaks down three main differences between Japanese and American bra preferences, and let's just say, we've already set up a price alert for cheap flights from L.A. to Tokyo.

Padded and Shallow

"Japanese bra styles tend to have more padding and be a bit shallower than U.S. styles, and more styles emphasize lift and cleavage," notes Harrington. "That's not to say every Japanese bra is like that, of course, (just like we wouldn't say every American bra is a T-shirt bra), but it is a general trend of the market."

Ornate and Embellished

"Japanese bras to be very ornate and heavily embellished," explains Harrington. "Lots of lace, embroidered trim, kawaii prints, and so on. There's a definite sense of fun and frilliness to Japanese lingerie that we don't always get in the States, where plain, foam-dome, T-shirt bras are very much the preferred (and most popular) shape."

Smaller Cup and Band Sizes

Last but not least, "Japanese tend to skew toward smaller cup and band sizes than the American market," observes Harrington.