Why I'm Copying Outfits From This Cool 7-Year-Old

I'm not kidding when I tell you that a cool 7-year-old is my style icon. If that sounds a bit ridiculous, hear me out. The outfits she posts are downright cool in the Wait, I need to re-create this look for myself sense of the term. Which is why we're not calling this rising Japanese street style star's outfits "cute" or "adorable." She mixes some major streetwear brands like Supreme with a Gucci shirt here or a Comme des Garçons bag there. And she always (always) accessorizes to a T. Leave it to Instagram to allow the world to be obsessed with an inspired young girl like Coco, who says she's just having fun playing around with clothing.

Who else can wear a monstrously large purple fur coat in the most casual way? Let us know if you find out. K, thanks.

Streetwear kids everywhere are likely envious of her ability to rock Dr. Martens, plaid, and a classic bomber.

We get the sense that she's not afraid to try out the boldest color schemes, mixing bright shades of pink with purple, red, and leopard print (a print we bet she uses as a neutral).

We just rethought fur-lined clogs for a minute there. And tie-dye sweatshirts. And doubling up on our belts. See what I mean? This cool kid has the uncanny ability to mix in kitschy elements seamlessly.

Apart from her next-level style game, Coco's got her Instagram poses down to a complete science. Suffice it to say, we're taking notes for our own outfit photos.

At this point, you might be asking yourself how she has access to so much cool style, given that when we were her age, we lived in denim overalls and OshKosh. Her parents are the owners of a vintage clothing store in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood, and growing up around all of those pieces is surely an influence.

Coco's signature chain belt and combat boots are exactly what allows each of her unique looks to have a bit of cool edge. With a trench coat and retro velvet topper, we're getting late-'90s British grunge vibes.

We saw cowboy boots and Western-themed pieces all over the runways during NYFW, yet this 7-year-old was testing out the shoe trend before we ever saw it coming.

The kid has a seriously uncanny ability to pile on the accessories and mix and match logos like a pro. Socks and sandals? Why, yes. XXL belts? Don't mind if we do.

Yet again, her too-cool-for-school poses are what really gets us about her overall style. No matter if she's wearing something fun and whimsical or cool and edgy, she'll give the camera a little side-eye to let us know she means business.

Something tells us that piling on the necklaces, logos, and bright colors would be a tricky bet on anyone who isn't her size.

Yes, she just took your grandma's glasses and made them so enviable.

It's tough to consider pink to be a "girly" color when you see this cool outfit. 

Did anyone else just Google "flame Vans"? Nope, just us, then.