How to Get Italian Summer Style in 5 Outfits


Arthur Elgort/Conde Nast via Getty Images

I’m taking a small break from Instagram. I’m the first to admit that I love the platform and it’s where I usually go to source outfit ideas, but suddenly it seems like everyone is recycling the same pieces and trends. So instead, I’ve found myself looking to images from past decades to find inspiration more and more.

In particular, I’m feeling inspired by photos from a ’90s Vogue editorial shot by Arthur Elgort. The snapshot-style photos of Claudia Schiffer throughout the city of Rome are, to me, iconic. And they still feel very relevant to wear right now. The one of Schiffer standing in St. Peter’s Square in head-to-toe yellow is actually the background on my computer at Who What Wear. So yeah, these images definitely speak to me. Now I’m taking the opportunity to see how I can create them in 2018. From pastel monochrome looks to unexpected volume, these are the five outfits ideas I’m borrowing from the ’90s that are perfect for the summer ahead whether in Italy or here at home.