The "Italian Dad" Trend I've Worn All Summer

As I’ve mentioned a few times, Cinco is the affordable jewelry brand I’ve recommended to all my friends this summer and is the line responsible for turning my jewelry game from the girl who doesn’t wear jewelry to the girl you who layers a bazillion necklaces. It’s also the line that when I was on vacation with my family (see photo 10) made me realize I was embracing my dad’s old-school jewelry look. When I flash back to what my dad or even grandpa wore in the early ’90s, I have a clear memory of all their gold jewelry, particularly link chain necklaces, cue the “Italian dad” trend.

Fast-forward 15 years, and here I am mirroring that same Italian look. I have to admit that my brother, Patrick, is the king of Italian accessories, and his gold chain(s) lineup blows mine out of the water (again see photo 10, in the middle), but regardless, I still get compliments nearly every day on my Cinco combination. Whether you’re Italian and have the same gold jewelry fetish in your family or simply have a thing for layering necklaces, either way, today I’m sharing a plethora of options for you to shop plus several ways to layer the look.

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