25 Investment Pieces I Can Vouch Are Actually Worth the Money

When you work in this industry, you’re confronted with $$$ pieces at every turn, whether that’s on the runway, out on the streets during fashion week, all over your Instagram feed, on your co-workers, on your computer as you research market for your latest roundup… Well, I can assure you that as tempting as it can be to try to keep up, unless you want to face down some serious credit card debt (or have some serious wealth at your disposal), you’re going to have to pick and choose pieces to invest in.

I’m not here to tell you that the only pieces worth investing in are boring minimalistic basics, though. That’s not really my style. When I look for pieces worth scrimping and saving for, I look for things that really spark joy, well-made pieces I haven’t already seen plastered all over the place. I also keep cost per wear in mind because I love doing mental gymnastics that help me justify making a wildly extravagant purchase. Keep reading to see 25 investment pieces I’ve deemed actually worth the money.