I'm Finally Cleaning My Closet—5 Sweater Styles I'm Keeping and 5 I'm Cutting

It doesn't feel right to think about sweaters when it's 90ºF and everyone on your Instagram feed is vacationing on the Amalfi Coast. Trust me—I get it. But fall is slowly approaching, and you'll soon reach for a sweater. I, for one, am ready for that after these past few months of heat and humidity. I'm also in the middle of moving, so after days of packing and a deep closet clean out, I was forced to take note of the sweaters I find myself gravitating toward and which ones I don't reach for. Fall is my favorite season, so I've found myself purchasing sweaters rather impulsively in the past, but I'm determined to shop smarter this season. 

Sweaters are one of those items that you'll probably want to invest in classic versions of before trends, but sometimes the classics become trends and vice versa. I'm not nixing trendier styles for good but rather prioritizing the ones that seem to get more wear throughout the season. What's unpractical for me may be a stellar fit for you, so feel free to take my opinions with a grain of salt. Scroll on to shop my top sweater style and which ones are taking a backseat for me this season.

Keeping: Polo Sweaters
Cutting: Ultra-Cropped Cardigans

Sweaters are meant to provide warmth, and I think ultra-cropped cardigans defeat the entire purpose as they leave me chilly for the sake of pulling off a trend. Now, I make sure comfort is a priority and wear my collared sweaters a. lot more, as they're both polished and cozy. 

Keeping: Sweater Sets
Cutting: Puff-Sleeved Sweaters

I'm a cozy girl at heart, so you should expect a fight if you try to take my matching sweater sets from my closet. Sweaters with puffed sleeves, however, you can have. I'd prefer a sleeve to be fitted or loose, so having sleeves loose at the arm and fitted at the cuff isn't practical or flattering to me. 

Keeping: Striped Sweaters
Cutting: Argyle Vests

I stopped giving into trendy printed knits a while ago because the argyle sweater vest I borrowed from my dad back in 2020 is still collecting dust after one wear in my wardrobe. Striped sweaters, however, have been a classic piece in my wardrobe for years and will continue to stick around. 

Keeping: Cable-Knit Sweaters
Cutting: Victorian-Inspired

As much as I love the look of a big collar or frilly details on a sweater, it just wasn't something that felt wearable for my everyday wardrobe. I'd rather stick with thick cable knits, which still offer a stylish element but aren't too much for me to handle.

Keeping: Classic Cashmere
Cutting: Hairy Knits

Yes, hairy knits look impeccably cool, but I just can't get past how uncomfortable they can be. Sure, with the right layering it can work, but I'd rather keep getting dressed in the morning as easy as possible. My classic cashmere options will never let me down on that front.