To Get the Strong, Thick Hair of Your Dreams, Prioritize These 16 Products



There are so many products out there on the market that can help you achieve your hair goals. Whether you want to be able to easily style your curls or grow thicker strands, let's just say there's no lack of options out there. If you fall into the "grow thicker and fuller strands" camp, I have just the brand for you, founded by four veteran celebrity hairstylists. With an easy-to-use and solution-oriented product lineup, IGK Hair has become a fast favorite here at Who What Wear.

"All IGK products are care- and purpose-oriented in nature, so they work for all hair types," says Franck Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK. "When choosing which products will work best for my clients, I focus on the client's needs and use the products that will deliver exactly what their look demands. IGK products are designed to enhance your natural hair with or without hot tools, so there's really a solution for everyone."

Every IGK product is lush and ultra hydrating and can help you achieve the gorgeously dense strands of your dreams. For which of the brand's products to prioritize for this and a word from each of the founders on them, keep reading below.

Best for Curly & Coily Hair

For your curls to be long, strong, and ultra soft, you'll want to make sure your products contain one major thing: lots of hydration. The more you condition, the less likely your curls will break. IGK co-founder Leo Izquierdo agrees. "Curly, coily, and wavy hair types often have more frizz compared to straight hair," he says. "These hair types also tend to be drier in nature, so hydration is important while also making sure the products aren't weighing down the hair."

"A good shampoo and conditioner is an important step for any hair type, but if you have curly, coily, or wavy hair, I recommend our Thirsty Girl Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. They both feature a patented hyaluronic acid technology and nourishing coconut milk to gently cleanse and moisturize hair, leaving it softer, smoother, and frizz-free without weighing it down." Aaron GreniaIGK Co-Founder

This silky, lightweight conditioner also protects against humidity and adds deeper moisture into the hair shaft with the hyaluronic acid complex mentioned above.

I will forever champion a good leave-in conditioner for curls and coils. It's one of my secret weapons for combating daily dryness, and this (appropriately named) option from IGK complements the shampoo and conditioner of the same name. It's infused with the same smoothing blend of hyaluronic acid and coconut milk for your softest locks yet.

This rich hydration mask works wonders for curls and coils because it nourishes and strengthens drier hair types with turmeric butter and green tea seed oil. Curls naturally need a little extra moisture throughout the week, so this is great to add to your routine for extra-strong strands.

Best for Wavy Hair

Similar to curly and coily strands, wavy hair types are more prone to frizz and dryness. Hydration is, once again, super key if you want stronger, thicker hair.

With red algae extract and prebiotics, this IGK formula delivers massive hydration and helps balance the scalp to promote healthier hair growth.

The addition of shea butter to the conditioner means your wavy strands will be even smoother with moisture locked perfectly in.

"Heat protectants are essential for all hair types. Our Good Behavior 4-in-1 Prep Spray not only protects from heat, but detangles, controls frizz, and enhances shine. It nourishes without adding heaviness, and with the 24-hour frizz control, you can either air-dry or heat-style and still achieve a smooth, shiny result!" Franck Izquierdo

If the appearance of greater thickness is what you're after, try this dry thickening spray. It contains Nordic cotton to deliver weightless body and a plant protein complex to nourish and plump the hair without making it stiff. It quickly provides buildable volume and thickness that's super long-lasting.

Best for Straight Hair



If your locks are on the finer and straighter side, you can still add a bit of volume and thickness if you have the right products. Ingredients like biotin, collagen, peptides, protein, and other vitamins help your hair appear thicker and fuller, so look for these in a shampoo or conditioner. 

"This volumizing and hydrating duo is formulated to help thin and limp hair look thicker and full of bounce. The shampoo cleanses and nourishes, and it contains probiotics to help balance the scalp and oil production." — Leo Izquierdo

"The lightweight conditioner boosts volume, adds fullness, and hydrates." — Leo Izquierdo

"Then, follow up with the Big Time Volumizing Mousse.​​This volumizing and thickening blow-dry mousse delivers soft, flexible body and bounce to the hair for fuller results. Its lightweight formula provides density without weighing the hair down or leaving it dry or sticky." — Leo Izquierdo

Not into using a mousse? Try this buildable, thickening mist that doubles as a heat protectant.

Best for Color-Treated Hair

For color-treated or overprocessed hair, damage repair is the name of the game. For strong, thick, and dreamy hair, you'll want to prioritize ingredients and products that mend the hair shaft from the inside out. That way, breakage will be stopped fully in its tracks.

This repairing shampoo is loaded with vegan silk extract to support hair strength, biomimetic bond-building technology to reseal damaged hair, and amla oil for deep moisture.

Lock in all the damage repair with this luxe conditioner that detangles, softens, and restores dry or damaged hair in record time.

"Our Cash In Instant Repair Serum repairs dry, damaged, heat- and chemically processed hair. It delivers 360 repair, reducing breakage, seals the cuticle for high shine and smoothness, protects from heat damage, and zips up split ends. It can be used alone on clean, damp hair and air-dried or blow-dried and mixed into any styling product." — Chase Kusero, IGK Co-Founder

"To extend your color at home, add our Mixed Feelings Leave-In Toning Drops to any styling product, shampoo, or conditioner to add dimension and tone. I add the mixed feelings drops to the Cash In Instant Repair Serum to tone and treat in one step. This combo is the dream team for color-treated hair." — Kusero