This Shoe "Mistake" Is Suddenly Cool Again

Fashion is all about wearing what you want, how you want. Sure, there's a time and a place to follow certain "fashion rules," whether that's for a black-tie affair or a wedding ceremony that requests guests follow a certain dress code, but other times, you have the freedom to sport what you please. So don't get stuck on what's right or wrong in terms of styling choices, because it's definitely not all black and white when it comes to fashion.

Need some proof? Well, then, take the latest rise in the socks-with-shoes trend that has been cropping up on your Instagram feed this season. No-show socks who? This year, it's all about making it known that you're sporting white ankle socks (which plenty of It girls have been pairing with their chunky sneakers) or a pair of sheer mesh socks (that team exceptionally well with chunky sandals).

Best of all? This fashion "mistake" allows you to wear your favorite summertime shoes in the fall and winter, too. Ahead, the best ways to wear socks with shoes, as seen on some of our go-to fashion girls.

Whoever said you have to wear no-show socks with your sneakers was obviously very wrong.

Wear your favorite summer heels this fall by adding in colorful socks.

Opt for sheer or mesh socks to juxtapose a grungier shoe.

This is so Clueless—and it's one sock-and-shoe combo we can't wait to wear.

Dress up your favorite ankle boots with logo socks.

Mules and statement socks are a great pairing—always.

Thought chunky hiking sandals couldn't get any more polarizing? Try wearing them with ankle socks.

This school girl–inspired look is going to be everywhere this fall.

Coordinate your sock colors to your shoes for a serious pop.

Your dad's questionable footwear choices are now a serious trend. Thanks, Dad?

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