So This Is How You Wear Socks and Sandals

Socks and sandals are not just meant to be photographed on the feet of your favorite street style stars—the combination is completely useless if not worn IRL by you everywhere from the office to a cocktail party. However, since the combination does seem slightly unnatural, we are here to give you a few combinations that anyone (and we mean anyone) can pull off. All you'll need is an open mind, a few pairs of your favorite socks, and the sandals you are currently loving. Ready?

The key to not looking completely ridiculous while pulling off the socks-and-sandals combo is to always keep your overall look in mind. So let's say you're going to a cocktail party. Your dress is simple but elegant, and you want to add a little something extra to make your look pop. This would be the perfect time to pull out those glitter ankle socks and feather-adorned sandals. Or how about when it's too cold outside to wear your favorite platforms, but your look is in dire need of them? Why not slip into a quiet black pair of socks first? Problem solved. In essence, wearing socks and sandals is not just a sartorial secret, it's actually a fashion problem-solving hack, and your life is about to get much easier and 10 times more interesting now that you are an official participant in the trend. 

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