The Accessory Every Fashion Girl Will Purchase This Month

Fashion girls are obsessed with wearing cool socks with every shoe style these days, and there's are a few reasons to be excited about this fact. For starters, it allows for all-season wearability for your more foot-exposing shoes, and it's an easy way to look stylish without getting cold feet (literally). As evidenced by street style, anything goes when it comes to types of socks, but some pairs work better with certain shoes than others (e.g., chunky socks are a better match for combat boots than dainty sandals).

To take the guesswork out of pairing socks and shoes, we found nine matches that are practically sole mates (plain white socks need not apply). Not only that, we rounded up our favorite examples that show just how much cooler your shoes (and outfit) can look with the addition of a special pair of socks. We're quite certain that every fashion girl is taking stock of and adding to her sock drawer this month. 

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite sock and shoe combos and see the essential fall accessory in action at the end!