This Not-So-Subtle Shoe Trend Has Officially Gone Viral—25 Ways to Style It


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Have you ever been scrolling through social media and suddenly realized that everyone on your timeline is wearing the same trend? In this day and age, it's a given that trends blow up on TikTok overnight. And while it's my job to keep up, something will sneak up on me every now and again, and I won't see it coming. Such is the case with the rise of one specific trend: metallic shoes. 

I should preface this by saying that, on an intellectual level, I was cognizant of the prevalence of metallics in fall/winter 2022 collections. But, by no means did I think this shoe style would go viral—at most, I thought it would be a niche micro-trend only worn by a few brave souls (boy, I was wrong). Since their debut last season, they've not only had continued prevalence in S/S 23, but they've also strutted off the runway and into major city streets. And while it's not hard to miss the rise in popularity this footwear has had (because they're so shiny), it might be hard to get why.

So, in an effort to explain the phenomenon, I've done some research to show this footwear's resurgence on the runway. Plus, I've found outfit ideas to show how to wear metallic shoes. Put on your sunglasses because things are about to get bright.

On the Runway


(Image credit: Imaxtree/Bottega Veneta; Imaxtree/Az Factory; Courtesy of Tory Burch; Imaxtree/ Giambattista Valli)

Metallic shoes may be everywhere on social media, but they'd be nowhere without the designers that brought them back into the conversation. While this shoe style was a crossover trend from fall/winter 2022 to spring/summer 2023, we saw designers up the ante even more this season. For example, at Bottega Veneta, a yellow fringe dress was styled with silver curved wedges. And at Tory Burch, there were sleek satin coats and sheer gauzy knits styled with pointed ballet flats in gold and silver. But these two beloved brands weren't the only ones to send metallic shoes down the runway. Across the board, we saw this style adopted by designers worldwide. 

Of course, if we're honest, this isn't exactly the most "practical" shoe trend compared to other styles. So, if you're still dubious about this style being back (or worth buying), keep scrolling. I've identified 25 outfit ideas to show how the fashion set makes this "impractical" trend wearable for everyday life. I've also shopped out the best silver, gold, and metallic shoes based on price point, trending silhouettes, and long-term investment to make adopting this trend a more logical endeavor. 

On the Fashion Set


Printed T-Shirt + Maxi Skirt + Metallic Boots
(Image credit: @hannamw)

Dubious about wearing metallic shoes beyond special occasions? Take a cue from the look above, and try styling them with a printed T-shirt and maxi skirt. 

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Blazer + Miniskirt + Silver Sandals
(Image credit: @chey_maya)

You don't have to buy a whole new look for a night out. Simply style a black blazer (cropped, embellished, or otherwise) with a miniskirt, and then add silver sandals. 

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Plaid Jacket + Cargo Pants + Metallic Loafers
(Image credit: @oliviamarcus)

Dress up those cargo pants in the back of your closet by styling them with a tweed jacket and a metallic pair of loafers.

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Tank Top + Ruched Skirt + Chain Belt + Flatform Sandals
(Image credit: @noore)

Going to a tropical destination? Style a tank top and ruched skirt with metallic platform sandals for the perfect vacation-ready look. 

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Leather Trench Coat + Pencil Skirt + Gold Pumps
(Image credit: @oumaymaboumeshouli)

Make your favorite black coat pop even more by styling it with a black pencil skirt and metallic pumps. 

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Oversize Blazer + T-Shirt + Jeans + Metallic Ballet Flats
(Image credit: @himichelleli)

Want to look trendy this spring without buying a whole new wardrobe? Enter metallic ballet flats. Style them with your everyday staples (e.g., a T-shirt, blazer, and jeans) to add a little shine to your life. 

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Matching Plissé Set + Metallic Pumps
(Image credit: @emnitta)

If you invested in a plissé set last spring, then the best way you can rewear it this year is by styling it with a pair of metallic pumps. 

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Leather Trench Coat + Bra Top + Leather Shorts + Metallic Cowboy Boots
(Image credit: @andreasteen)

Spice up your beloved leather separates by pairing them with a risqué top (e.g., a bra top, sheer top, or cutouts) and a pair of metallic cowboy boots. 

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Chunky Sweater + Denim Shorts + Shoulder Bag + Metallic Glitter Boots
(Image credit: @fiahamelijnck)

For those brisk spring days where you want to get away with showing a tiny bit of skin, try pairing knee-high metallic boots with shorts and a sweater. 

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Shearling Jacket + Turtleneck + Jeans + Metallic Wedges
(Image credit: @venswifestyle)

Who said metallic shoes couldn't be worn in the last few weeks of winter? Pair a metallic wedge with jeans, a turtleneck, and a shearling jacket for colder days. 

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Monochrome Button Down + T-Shirt + Pencil Skirt + Gold Boots
(Image credit: @scoutthecity)

Add a little edge to a monochromatic navy ensemble with a pair of metallic boots.

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Leather Bomber Jacket + T-Shirt + Jeans + Silver Slingback Heels
(Image credit: @maryljean)

Leather bomber jackets have been popular for a while now, but if you're looking for a way to make this coat feel even trendier, look no further than the look above. Style the outerwear with stonewash denim and silver heels for a casual yet cool outfit. 

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(Image credit: @aprillockhart)

Don't think this trend can transition well into the spring? Think again. A surefire way to make metallic shoes work is by pairing a silver boot with a miniskirt, sweater, and wool blazer. 

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Bomber Jacket + Pencil Skirt + Tights + Metallic Kitten Heels
(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

PSA: Metallics are the perfect color trend to adopt for spring if you happen to be one of those fashion people that live in all black. The simple addition of a silver slingback heel is trying a new color in our books. 

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Sweaterdress + Shoulder Bag + Metallic Boots
(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl)

What's an easy outfit you can rely on to look chic in a time crunch? Metallic boots and a sweater dress is a pairing that will never fail you. 

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Wool Coat + Knit Bustier + Denim Maxi Skirt + Metallic Pumps
(Image credit: @dadouchic)

Denim skirts are having a moment, so why not style them with a metallic pump? Bonus points if you finish off the look with a knit-bustier and contrasting metallic bag. 

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Matching Sequin Set + Silver Heels
(Image credit: @mie_juel)

Lean into the metallic aesthetic fully and style a matching sequin set with contrasting metallic kitten heels. 

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Button-Down Top + Sequin Skirt + Metallic Pump + Metallic Bag
(Image credit: @ninasandbech)

Have plans after work? Pair your oversize button-down with a sequin miniskirt and metallic heels for the perfect evening look. 

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(Image credit: @cocobassey)

Not sure what to wear to that upcoming wedding this spring? Style a metallic dress with matching sandals and you'll undoubtedly be the best-dressed guest. 

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Metallic Puffer Coat + One-Piece Jumpsuit + Metallic Boots
(Image credit: @_magda__)

Winter months are notoriously darker, so why not brighten them with a completely metallic look? Pair a silver-hued metallic puffer coat with a bodysuit and tall silver boots for a look that will make any gloomy day brighter. 

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Black Blazer + Cutout Top + Metallic Pants + Metallic Heels
(Image credit: @nlmarilyn)

Have special plans for the evening but don't want to dress skimpily? Look to the outfit above as inspiration. You can't go wrong with wearing a blazer, cutout top, metallic pants, and matching shoes out on the town. 

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Leather Blazer + Sheer Dress + Platform Silver Sandals
(Image credit: @lucywilliams02)

Another way you can dress up for a night out? By replicating the look above. Style a sheer dress with a leather blazer and metallic platforms for a look in which you'll want to dance the night away. 

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Bomber Jacket + Plaid Pleated Skirt + Metallic Cowboy Boots
(Image credit: @mariaalia)

Want to give your metallic shoes a little edge? Pair them with a pleated plaid skirt, a bomber jacket, and sporty sunglasses. 

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Leather Moto Jacket + Tank Top + Colorful Jeans + Metallic Heels
(Image credit: @emilisindlev)

Not to sound like a broken record, but metallic shoes really can make any outfit feel ten times cooler. Case in point? The look above. A moto jacket, tank, and colorful jeans are given that extra shimmer thanks to the addition of gold shoes. 

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Denim Dress + Metallic Boots + Rhinestone Bag
(Image credit: @fashionwithjazz)

You've made it to the end of this story, and hopefully, by now, you've realized how easy it is to incorporate this shoe style into your wardrobe. But should you need any last styling inspiration, let my own outfit above be your guidepost. Pulling off metallic shoes isn't about buying a whole new outfit (unless that's your prerogative) rather, it's about styling it with pieces you already own to shine a light on the things you love in your closet. Wearing them with those everyday staples (e.g., a denim dress) is the easiest way to pull off this popular shoe trend. 

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