The Coolest Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress

We can’t deny the comfort of a maxi dresses, but figuring out how to wear a maxi dress can be a head-scratcher. Since maxi dresses are a go-to year-round uniform for many, we’ve made it our mission to show you exactly what to do with them. This particular style of dress has the ability to emit an ethereal vibe that’s lovely for both day and night, and the plethora of street style stars who wear them is a clear indication that they’re a surefire way to stand out. These days, the key to knowing how to wear a maxi dress is creativity, so prepare to think outside the box and find out all the ways to wear a maxi dress now.

To ensure that you’re styling the piece in the coolest, chicest ways possible, read on and take note of the fashion girls who have expertly nailed the look. Then, shop some of our favorite maxi dresses of the season.