The #1 Colour Mistake Most Girls Make With Their Wardrobes

Recently we discovered the exact hue that suits most skin tones, but upon interviewing Helen Venables, MD, of House of Colour (the image consultancy where you can get your personal colour spectrum expertly analysed), we also gained insight into the shade that most girls commonly are afraid to wear.

The reason we're specifically so fascinated with the colour wheel right now is thanks to the fact that designers have painted a veritable rainbow for S/S 17. And this doesn't appear to be a one-off seasonal frenzy: A quick glance at A/W 17 (did you see the amount of purple during LFW?), and you'll see that the all-black outfits we always relied upon are being superseded by super-bright shades, worn from head to toe.

Understandably, a little wardrobe therapy may be needed for some to be coaxed into the idea, and no more so, apparently, than when it comes to wearing green. Whether Kermit or sage, lime or jade, it's this hue that reportedly makes the most women feel apprehensive. "Lots of our clients have an aversion to green when, in fact, there are wonderful shades of green for everyone," Venables says.

Read on for some street style inspiration on how to wear green, and keep going to shop our favourite green picks.


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Style Notes: If apple green seems daunting, take a leaf out of Camila Coelho's book, and wear a black roll-neck underneath and denim—two very trusty components of any closet. "Wearing colours under your chin that you absolutely know suit you is vital," Venables says. "The effect of colour so close to the face can be surprisingly powerful—slimming, enlivening and health-giving."


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Style Notes: There's emerald green, and then there's emerald green in a satin fabric. Something about the depth and sheen of this material helps make the bold gemstone shade that little bit more uplifting rather than overbearing—particularly good with black tailoring come nightfall.


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Style Notes: Solange Knowles never shies away from vibrant combinations, and this Kermit-green leather coat worn with purple lipstick is no exception. It's the subtle metallic colours (a bronze slip, silver sandals and gold-strap bag) that these two statements revolve around that make it work. "All colours are either cool or warm depending on the amount of blue or yellow pigment in them and all colours are either bright or soft… Once you know how your skin tone aligns with these categories, the specific but wide palette opens up to you," Venables says.


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Style Notes: Greens that err towards turquoise as often the most flattering for paler skin and can look especially good when worn with a host of other hues from the same colour family.

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Style Notes: Khaki and military greens are the easiest for anyone to get on board with. When black, navy and grey feel too dull, pull out these earthy, equally neutral tones, and your wardrobe will feel a little brighter in no time.


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Style Notes: Jade green is a wonderful match for brunettes, so wear it against your face and wear lots of it! This hue can feel quite mature, so don't be afraid to combine it with the unexpected, like Miroslava Duma and her burgundy shoes.


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Style Notes: Citrus and fluoro hues are great when you're in the sun, but on dull British days, they look chicest when paired up with more sombre shades, like Aimee Song's washed-out forest-green coat.


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Style Notes: One of my favourite things to see on the street is a redhead wearing the colour green. Ginger women may feel daunted by the formula, but it's unwaveringly successful, especially when vibrant red hair is set against khaki hues.

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