This Major Spring Trend Will Make You Feel So French

While it's probably true that you can't buy that French je ne sais quoi, you can do the next best thing and start wearing gingham. The pretty, preppy fabric is taking over in fashion right now. Seen at Tome, Altuzarra, Christopher Kane, and more, miniature checks surpassed even stripes as the favorite print of the season—which is welcome news for those of us who hope to channel Brigitte Bardot this spring (in 1959, the actress even wore gingham to her wedding). 

The current styles only hint at the '50s, however—so instead of sweetheart necklines and demure fit-and-flare silhouettes, you'll find deconstruction, cropped hems, and plenty of asymmetry. Still, we think Bardot would approve. (Also, if you're really trying to fool people into thinking you're French, keep in mind that over there, they call it "Vichy print.") Whether this fresh pattern is in in classic black and white or rendered in one of the season's pretty pastel colors, we're not discriminating; we'll take it all. Ready to test out the season's most French-inspired trend? See how fashion people are wearing gingham right now and go on to make the pretty pattern officially a part of your wardrobe, too, by shopping trench coats, minidresses, and handbags, all in the season's go-to print.