Don't Store Your Dresses Just Yet—Here Are 5 Ways to Wear Them When It's Chilly

When winter rolls around, we tend to automatically bid a brief adieu to our favorite summer staples. Gone for a few months are our shorts, sandals, spaghetti-strap tops, favorite summer dresses, you name it, so layers and more layers quickly replace them alongside our essential stock of winter gear. However, when it comes to said layers, those dresses you were going to forget about until further notice can actually come quite in handy.

Instead of surviving the cold days with oversize sweaters, turtlenecks, and fleece pullovers—which are extremely practical but can get pretty monotonous pretty quick—get creative this season and add your dresses into the mix as well. You’d be surprised what a fitted turtleneck or an oversize sweater can do to your favorite dress, whether it’s an off-the-shoulder style or one of your trusty silk dresses.

Today, we’re here to show you how to wear every dress in the winter without sacrificing your warmth or your comfort. Whether you’re finally ready to try the dress-over-pants trend or are wondering how many layers can you put on without looking bulky, the five looks ahead will inspire.

Look at your maxi dresses as newly found tops you can easily style them over your favorite pair of jeans or work trousers. This styling hack will not only look amazing but also add a layer of warmth.

Instead of storing away your off-the-shoulder dresses until the next season, style them over turtlenecks and with tights. Whether you choose a classic neutral turtleneck or a bolder color, your off-the-shoulder dress will take on new life with this winter styling hack.

Believe it or not, this smocked dress is perfect for layering. 

A basic turtleneck can go a long way.

Belt your dress for a more put-together-feeling look.

Black booties are a winter essential.

No sleeves? No problem—on the dress, of course. Just like with your off-the-shoulder dress, that's nothing some good layering can't fix. You can opt for the classic turtleneck combo, wear your dress under a hoodie… Get creative!

We can't wait to wear this without any layers. 

Not to be a broken record, but layering is key here. However, you can't only layer on the top; you have to give the bottom some thought as well. To keep cozy and comfortable this winter, make sure you own a good pair of fleece-lined leggings. That way you can still wear your slip dresses without giving into the cold.

Leave it to Silk Laundry to have the best silk dresses in the game. 

We're here for this shoe fusion. Boots? Slingbacks? Both. 

Minidresses are BFFs with your over-the-knee boots and tights. This trifecta is ideal for your winter weekend outfits or going out with a friend. The mixture of lengths and fabrics gives your outfit a nice fun touch.

Your beach dress can totally tackle a winter day.

This purse is too cute to resist. 

Strut the city streets with these boots under your silk dress.

If you’re looking for something a little easier, we’ve also rounded up the best zero-effort dresses from our favorite brands for you to shop.