If You Have a Small Waist and Big Butt Like Me, These Are Your Best Pants

I had a style epiphany in April of this year. Courtesy of a pair of men's skate trousers, my holy fashion grail had been found: casual pants that actually fit—without me having to get them tailored or finding them stretch tightly across my thighs and then gaping at the waist.

If you're like me—smaller in the waist but more rounded out in the thighs and butt—then you'll know that locating flattering trousers and jeans is a regular shopping Everest. So many impossible trousers have been climbed into, and so many times I've failed to look good in them. No matter the price tag, there are very few pairs out there that cater to a curvier figure apart from stretchy leggings. So that's why I was elated to discover that cargo pants were my surprising match.

I had been wanting some camo trousers for a while and took a chance on a pair from a niche skate brand that has a few items stocked on ASOS: Obey's (miracle) camo cargo pants (similar style available here). I've always known that I look best in silhouettes that can be cinched around my waist and then fall a bit looser around the legs, so I bought a size up and put my collection of belts to use.

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK.