5 Dream Outfits I Get to Wear in My Imaginary Life
5 Dream Outfits I Get to Wear in My Imaginary Life

5 Dream Outfits I Get to Wear in My Imaginary Life

I have a fantasy world in which everything is sartorially perfect. It’s very much like the second half of an Anne Hathaway movie: I’ve finally learned how to do my hair, I don’t unknowingly drag my sleeves through mustard, and I walk flawlessly in heels through SoHo without so much as a glance down at the cobblestoned minefield beneath my feet.

The wardrobe? Amazing, obviously. And I’m not kidding when I say it is literally (and I am correctly using “literally”) the stuff Moda Operandi's summer collection is made of. The e-tailer’s High Summer edit consists of everything I wear in my actual dreams. Statement one-piece swimwear? Check. Dramatic ’70s-inspired jumpsuits? In gold? Oh, yes, it’s all here—and it’s all available to preorder now.

These five on-trend looks are the epitome of my dream style—here’s how I plan on introducing them into my real life this summer.

Moda Operandi - white jumpsuit

In my imaginary life, I wear white on white on white. Without spilling. Without ever needing to hesitate before getting into a cab (backseats are consistently clean in my imaginary New York) or riding a Vespa. No rogue ballpoint pen ever grazes the exterior of my flawless handbag, and every restaurant and café anticipates my white tote’s arrival and conveniently has a little hook under the table from which I hang it. Real-life goal: This is the summer I master white denim, starting with these high rise jeans.

Johanna Ortiz - ruffle bikini swimwear

My old life in Sydney involved spending tons of time at the beach, and the primary goal of my swimwear was to remain on my person despite the ocean waves determined to remove it. In New York, swimwear just sits optimistically in my top drawer with a mental note attached to it: I am going to go to the beach every weekend this summer. But not in my imaginary life. Because in my imaginary life, I spend an inordinate amount of time on a large boat anchored just off the coast of Italy, and my effortless dives into the still, azure water eternally result in an intact bikini and hair that dries into soft, silky waves. But take note: This summer, a ruffled one-sleeve swimsuit will be making regular appearances, moonlighting as a top with high-waisted pants. And it’s going to be fantastic.

Judith Leiber Couture - gold accessories

Having spent time on the Italian Riviera, I can assure you: There are women who do this. As it stands, I do not fear statement accessories. Not impractically small bags (any excuse to not bring my phone), not huge gold earrings (worn most days), and certainly not loud shoes. What I do not have, however, is a yacht (again, it's a very important detail). And what I do not do is sunbathe on said yacht while accessorizing my ruffled Johanna Ortiz bikini with dramatically oversize earrings. I do not recline in a sun lounger, the sequins of my strappy Dolce & Gabbana sandals catching the afternoon light. To be honest, I don’t even want to be that person—but I do want to start bringing these special-occasion pieces out to play during the day more often. Pledging here to make my go-to accessories a lot more fun.

Emilio Pucci - retro print dress

Do I love ’70s-inspired fashion? Yes. Do I limit myself because I get nervous about wearing loud prints? Also, yes—but in my imaginary life, this is not the case. I don’t dismiss bright, happy, clashing swirls of color as something best left to a cooler person. I wear them like it’s no big deal, not for a second wondering if I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb. Plan ahead for this summer: Team bright retro prints with chic, white, perfectly unscuffed flats (as per “white” notes above), and immediately feel happy, carefree, and awesome.

Temperley London - gold jumpsuit

I resent the fact that we live in a world where this Temperley London jumpsuit is not deemed appropriate for most offices. In my imaginary life, there’s at least one gold lamé look in every boardroom. In real life, I’m determined to dress up more. I will not be daunted by a floor-length dress. I will not shy away from wearing all one bright color. Hot-pink Delpozo will find itself being worn during the day for no particular occasion. My imaginary life is going to start working its way into my everyday, no yacht required.

Want to be the first to get your hands on your dream summer looks? All this is ready to snap up, thanks to Moda Operandi.