This Is the Best Leather Jacket for 2023, According to a Fashion Editor


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So Versatile is a seasonal column where associate fashion editor Sierra Mayhew selects one item she's recommending to everyone this season because you can wear it in so many ways. Think something timeless, chic, and flattering for all ages and body types. Plus, you'll walk away with three effortless ways to wear it.

If you walk into the Who What Wear office in January, you might expect to see a lot of puffers and wool coats, but think again. Lately, every time my fellow fashion editors and I gather, despite the cold, more than half of us are wearing a heavy-duty leather jacket. Some prefer the traditional moto style, while others are playing around with distressed brown and cargo-pocket iterations. Now when the Who What Wear fashion editors are all wearing something, you can infer that this is the It item of the season. I'd definitely call it that.

Leather jackets have absolutely peaked in the past few months thanks to a few big names wearing them on the runways and on the streets. What I love the most about the current revival of the leather jacket is that people are having so much fun remixing it. 

That's So Versatile


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Currently, a staple that is loved by celebrities involves an oversize leather moment with a shearling collar. Popularized by everyone's favorite designer, Khaite, it's the best take on a leather jacket that I've seen in a while. I recently acquired a similar version that's $4000 cheaper, and I'm obsessed. I wear it so often that some people might think it's the only jacket I own. In actuality, I probably have 20 to 30 others, yet I continuously wear the leather number again and again. Naming something the "So Versatile" piece of the season is a major honor. This jacket has truly earned it with its versatility and quality construction.

3 Ways I'm Wearing My Leather Jacket


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People are saying New York is the new L.A. New Yorkers are trading their known glamour for a more casual aesthetic, and I'm right with them. If you're currently bored of your jeans-and-sweater combination, try styling your look with a statement leather jacket and hiking boots. You will fall in love.

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I saw Laura Harrier styling this exact jacket in the most interesting way. I hadn't thought to wear a slip skirt with a belt, but I'm never going back. I feel like my look was taken to the next level. This is the best take on officewear I've seen.

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One of my favorite ways to wear a leather jacket in the winter is with a coat on top. Layering a jacket with a coat gives you options when you step indoors but don't want to take every layer off. 

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