The 2 Items Every Celebrity Is Wearing Right Now

Looking chic while trying to stay warm is always a difficult task. How is one supposed to feel completely bundled up and stylish at the same time? If anyone has figured out how to look on point 24/7, though, it's celebrities. Considering they're photographed no matter where they are or what they're wearing, these stars have had to figure out the most efficient way to stay warm while looking stylish, and guess what? They have.

So what's their secret? These geniuses layer two warm items that happen to look extremely forward when paired together: hoodies underneath a warm outerwear piece. The best thing about this two-piece winter outfit combination/styling trick/perfect look is that the duos you can create are endless. Take it from It girls like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid, who have each styled their hoodies completely differently from one another. Whether you live in a city with temperamental weather or not, you can try this layering technique with outwear pieces beyond just what you see here—think hoodies under jean jackets, moto jackets, and even blazers.

Scroll down to see how celebrities are styling their hoodies and outerwear pieces!