How to Wash Underwear According to an Expert

Don’t get us wrong—we love having pretty underthings to wear with our favorite closet staples. However, the one downside to owning delicates is that they’re, well, delicate. While we may think we know how to wash underwear, there’s always room for improvement. After all, when we’re investing in gorgeous lingerie, why wouldn’t we want to care for it properly?

Wearing beautiful lingerie, as fun and as confidence-boosting it can be, can take more effort than we’d like when it comes to keeping them in top condition. However, putting in those extra steps and caution is always worth it when something as simple as your underpinnings can be a solid pick-me-up.

To ensure that we’re not only treating our lingerie the best we can, as well as have them last as long as possible, we asked Marissa Vosper and Lauren Schwab, the co-founders of Negative, for their best tips on caring for our underwear. Check them out now.

Wash in Cold Water

“Underwear—regardless of fabrication—should be washed in cold water, with delicates detergent, and hung or laid flat to dry,” says Vosper. She explains that hot water and fast spin cycles, as well as standard detergents and heat drying, can cause your panties to lose elasticity and shape more quickly.

Hand Wash or Use a Lingerie Bag

If your underwear is of the finer quality (i.e. fine lace or gauze), hand-washing is the best protocol, as fine fabrics are more likely to catch in the washing machine. If it’s more durable, a delicates cycle should be fine, according to Vosper. The same goes for underwire bras versus bralettes.

Keep Your Bras in Rotation

Schwab recommends having about three to five go-to bras to have in your rotation to give your bras a day or two for the elastic to relax and readjust. She also suggests replacing bras after a nine- to 12-month cycle, depending on how often you wear your bras.

Hang Your Bras to Dry

All bras should be hung to dry. As with any nice garment, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

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