This Is How You Should Really Be Using Your Facial Roller

As we all seem to be taking a little more time with our skincare routines at the moment, the lengths to which we will go for great skin are increasing. From skin peels and sheet masks to spot treatments and retinols, if a product promises glowing, healthy-looking skin, we want in. With that being said, there are some products that we require a little more persuasion on before we part with our hard-earned cash. One of those products is facial rollers.

As we find ourselves with a little more time on our hands, we've noticed an increase in the number of people Boomeranging themselves using a facial roller on Instagram Stories. But besides looking pretty and feeling good, does anyone know what they claim to do, and more importantly, how we’re actually supposed to use them? To help save any confusion and to make sure you’re really getting the most out of your rolling session, keep scrolling for everything you need to know.  

What Is a Facial Roller?

How to Use a Facial Roller: @brosiaaa



Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, facial rollers themselves can range from crystal cylinders and metal balls right through to ridged wheels and icy tubes. The roller you're probably most familiar with, however, is the traditional jade or quartz roller thanks to its abundant social media coverage. And although the pretty jade rollers of Instagram might seem like a new fad, they’ve actually been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The theory went that rolling crystals across your skin could help fight the signs of ageing, and the truth is, they weren’t actually that far off.

What Do They Do?

Starting with the obvious, facial rollers work to massage the muscles in the face and release tension, plumping the skin and boosting glow through stimulating circulation. However, with only some facial rollers designed specifically for facial massage (these are usually the ones that contain two rollers), it begs the question: What do the more popular, single-stoned jade rollers bring to the table?

Nataliya Robinson, holistic facialist and founder of Quantum Botanika explains, “Jade roller-ing can be used to decongest and de-puff the skin by stimulating the lymphatic flow, which detoxifies and helps removed metabolic waste.” Beyond that, it also helps to increase blood circulation. “Jade rollers are incredibly effective tools for oxygenating (bringing blood to the surface) and detoxifying the skin for a plumped, healthy-looking complexion,” she adds.

How Should They Be Used?

Now here is the important bit. It turns out there is actually a technique for using a facial roller. Rolling it over your face without too much thought is actually doing, well, nothing really. The key, Robinson explains, is to use movements that encourage lymphatic drainage. “Use a sliding motion [along the jaw and the cheeks] toward the ears,” she advises. This is what encourages lymph (a naturally occurring fluid that works to rid our bodies of toxins and bacteria) to flow, resulting in a plumper, healthier complexion.

And while you might feel as though vigorous massage and heavy pressure will result in more intensive results, the secret is to keep things gentle and light. Applying too much pressure doesn’t encourage any more drainage and could actually risk irritating the skin. Another way to keep irritation to a minimum is to avoid dragging and instead slide the roller over the skin. The best way to do this? Increase slip with a luxe oil, and behold the glowiest skin of your life.