21 Street Style Looks That Prove Metallic Shoes Are Always the Right Choice

To say metallic shoes are having a moment is an understatement. You could go so far as to say that they've actually become a staple of the modern girl's wardrobe like leopard-print coats or culottes. The footwear trend has become a normal sighting on the streets, and styles can be found in stores at every price point, whether you're looking for gold, silver, bronze or any colourful high-shine finish in-between. But just because there's a proliferation of metallic shoes and boots at every turn doesn't mean that you automatically know how to wear them.

Fortunately for shiny-shoe beginners, the fashion crowds jumped on the happy-feet bandwagon pretty early—they've been wearing golden loafers, silver knee-high boots and twinkly kitten heels for a few seasons in a row. So what's their secret? Well, it's all about the occasion in question. We know that metallic shoes can work beautifully come party-time, or if you're a bride looking for something different. But what about daytime looks? It's all about the snazzy-to-casual ration: Yellow-gold mules are always going to look cool when they're set against something laid-back like a pair of jeans.

If you want to know how to wear metallic shoes, or you simply want to spend some time ogling the best street style outfits, keep reading and have your credit card ready.


Metallic Loafers + Cropped Jeans + Biker Jacket
(Image credit: Style du Monde)


Cute Mary Janes + Rock-Chic Trousers
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Gold Boots + Ankle-Swinging Trousers
(Image credit: Style du Monde)


Silver Boots + Wide-Leg Printed Pants
(Image credit: Style du Monde)


Delicate Kitten Heels + Swishy Skirt
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

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Black Skinnies + Fierce Sandals
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


High-Shine Pumps + Decadent Coat + Ripped Jeans
(Image credit: Style du Monde)


Metallic Mules + Socks + Skinny Jeans
(Image credit: Style du Monde)


Metallic Knee-High Boots + Simple Knitted Dress
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Gold Flats + Brocade Pyjama Pants
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Antique Gold Boots + Denim Culottes
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

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Gold Shoes + Bright-Red Tailoring
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Sci-Fi Pointy-Toes + Tweed
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Strappy Sandals + Casual Jeans + Tee
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)


Stacked Loafers + Thick Socks + Straight-Leg Jeans
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Shrunken Denim + Shiny Boots + Shaggy Coat
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Bling Brogues + Nerdy Socks + Boyish Trousers
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Grecian Sandals + Floaty Layers
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Sequined Courts + Raw-Edge Jeans
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Metallic Sock-Boots + Turned-Up Skinnies
(Image credit: Sandra Semburg)


Baggy Separates + Shiny Stilettos
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

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