How to Store Scarves in 5 Ways

Whether vintage or contemporary, nothing ties together an outfit like the perfect scarf. If you’re anything like us, your closet is packed with a range of chunky knit scarves, gossamer accent pieces, and everything in between. But what’s the best way to store scarves when temperatures are on the rise? To help keep your most beloved scarves in top shape—and your closet clutter-free—here are five easy, stylish solutions for storing scarves.

Use a Tie Rack

If you’re working with minimal space (or just love to condense your belongings), using a tie rack to store your scarves might be the perfect fix. This approach is a great way to conveniently stash a number of scarves in one place and is best suited to thinner and lighter scarves.

...Or a Wine Rack

If you don’t mind taking a moment to roll your scarves when you take them off, a wine rack can be a fun, creative way to stash them individually. Even better, wine racks come in a range of sizes and styles—from industrial to bohemian.

Drape Inside Your Closet

A rounded closet bar is the perfect size and shape for draping scarves. This method works especially well for wardrobes that are organized by color. If you opt for this approach, just be advised that plastic or wooden hangers are a must: Scarves stored alongside metal hangers tend to get snagged almost instantly.

Install a Towel Bar

If you have even a foot and a half of wall space inside your closet, installing a towel bar (or two) can be a smart and efficient way to store your scarves in one place. For best results, choose an area that can be clearly seen, and be sure to measure the space before you head off to the hardware store.

Utilize Hooks

Some scarves are just too pretty to hide in your closet. For these, installing a few hooks in the vicinity of your wardrobe can allow you to feature your frequently worn picks by color or season. This method makes them especially easy to grab and go.

Now that you know how to store scarves like a pro, here’s how to choose the best type of scarf for every outfit.

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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